Tekiac 3D printed “Stealth Cover” for Leica Q cameras

Tekiac is selling 3D printed "Stealth Cover" for Leica Q cameras that are available in different colors:

"By the way – I think I don’t have to mention that the real purpose of a cover is fulfilled too: the protection against scratches etc. Furthermore the camera lies comfortable in your hand also during cold weather. I have a safe feeling because the grip is made until the upper edge. The temporary rattling of the original grip is eliminated too.

Rather randomly another advantage was created. Although the cover is really light (75g) the center of gravity moved to the body. Now you can place it without tilting on the lens hood. The cover is an absolute lightweight but it’s still rigid because of design and material."

The black cover does indeed make the camera look more "stealthy":

The cover has a nice grip, a tripod socket and an opening at the bottom - you can take the battery and memory card without removing it:

Additional pictures:


More pictures are available on Tekiac's Instagram account:

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  • 3foot1

    That red cover doesn’t exactly fly under the radar.

    • yes, this for those who want attention 🙂

      • Drwillix Sg Alliance

        It’s deterrent for the slightly trained prying eye… to hide the logo, even with a monsterous red cover to avoid unwanted attention. “This dude is holding a silly cheap red toy” VS “It’s a Leica”.

        • 95% didn´t know what a leica is… they think it´s an fancy old analog toy…thats the big win for any leica shooter in my opinion… nobody really cares about a leica, instead of those who own^^

  • hahaha, god damn what is that!
    …you don´t have to make a stealthy camera “more” stealthy! the cover is super ugly and a waste of resources! please stop that!

  • ZMWT

    This isn’t so bad. It may work actually …

  • I have it and it’s amazing, I love it compared to the original Leica Q grip!

  • Chun Yi

    I’ve been using the Stealthcover for about 2 months and I’ve yet to take it off, or use the Gariz leather case. I love the pure utility aspect of the sturdy 3D printed case and the simplicity of the appearance only strengthens the justification. I use the Q daily on the streets of NYC and its gone with me to Asia recently; with the Stealthcover the Q was correctly identified only once by a fellow Leica user. I have the Titanium with a black cover and the grip is further defined by the Thumbsup at least for me.

  • Jimbo

    The olive drab one looks kind of cool…

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