7Artisans 35mm f/2 full frame lens for Leica M-mount (rangefinder coupled) coming soon

A quick update on the upcoming 7Artisans 35mm f/2 full frame rangefinder coupled lens for Leica M-mount:

"7Artisans 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M Mount cameras. And unlike their 50mm f/1.1 lens, the aperture lens of the 35 f/2 will have clicks! The de-clicked aperture ring on the 50 f/1.1 lens is probably the biggest complaint I’ve heard about this lens and I did contact them while I was working on the review and suggested them to consider making a clicked version for their future M lenses. So it’s great to hear they are listening to customers!"

7Artisans lenses can be purchased at: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | eBay US | eBay UK.

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Source: Richard Wong via FujiAddict, PhotoRumors

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  • ZMWT

    Oh, not again! 7Artisans could be a fine name for a patisserie or a coffee shop, because their skills in lens making leave much to be desired.

    • Jeff Bridges

      For the price they offer a decent solution.
      I passed on the 50mm f1.1, tried one out but didn’t like the short focus throw.
      But the build quality and even the optical quality was damn good.
      This 35mm f2.0 will be on my purchase list as soon as it’s available.

    • Ewald Dieser

      I tested the 50mm f1.1. The build quality is fine. The problem is that at f1.1 the images were pretty much unusable for my taste. Only when stopped down to f2 was the sharpness ok. So I had to return it. Couldn’t see a point why I should own it when my 60 years old collapsible Summicron delivers sharper images and I paid even less for it.

      • this is exactly my opinion, soft wide open, otherwise fine – cannot complain much for that price

        • Noodle

          That’s always been a funny logic, but indeed to put something like this on a Leica and say *can’t complaint for the price* seems nutters.

          • My logic is to use this lens on my film Leica M camera and go wide open only if needed. I prefer to have a lens attached to each of my cameras instead of changing lenses. Just my preference.

          • Noodle

            Sure, agreed. But that has little to do with picking this lens unless it was meant to be a body cap replacement. 😉

          • Yes, sometimes if I want to snap a quick picture of my kids, I want to be able to grab a camera that has a lens on it. It’s just me 🙂

          • ZMWT

            Exactly. I would rather get any Voigtlaender, say Heliar 50/3.5, which is superior lens in every single regard and not expensive at all.

    • FountainHead

      Choice is good.

  • Licheus

    Won’t hurt either. With any of these, we are free to speak out feelings straight – praising or complaining loudly that they are good or bad, instead of pretending them having some rather supernatural “taste” or “signature”. Because they are so cheap.

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