More leaked pictures of the Leica CL mirrorless camera

More leaked pictures of the Leica CL mirrorless camera:

First Leica CL mirrorless camera press photo leaked (with Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens)

Via Nokishita

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  • William Bridge

    It looks better with a lens ;p
    I’ve seen that the EVF resolution should seat between SL’s EVF and 020 Typ EVF.
    see how it results in reality because having owned both SL and T with
    020 Typ EVF the only thing I can say is that 020 Typ is frankly a subpar

  • William Bridge

    By the way…we should know soon enough since the annoucement is today but if I reckon well two lenses were rumored no ? Cuz we only saw the 18mm f2.8 until now.

    • The other rumored lens was M, not TL if I am not mistaken.

  • Mistral75

    Nokishita Camera also provides us with some Japanese RRPs:

    – ¥367,200 (8% VAT included) = ¥340,000 (VAT excluded) = $3,020 for the Leica CL

    – ¥156,600 (VAT included) = ¥145,000 (VAT excluded) = $1,290 for the Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 Asph.

  • soundimageplus

    Looks very like the X Vario. Hopefully there will be a grip to go with it. Not really quite sure where this is meant to fit into the L mount cameras. Built in EVF is nice but not sure whether the camera is a step up or a step down from the TL2. The specs (hopefully) will clarify that. However it seems that Leica are going to be working on an L mount APS-C range. And having used the seriously good TL2 sensor for a while now that can only be a good thing.

    • Helge Drange

      It certainly looks like a good companion to the SL. And the TL2 sensor is excellent, so this looks good.

    • I think this is the idea – to replace all X models with he TL+lenses.

  • C Van

    As a m240 user, I simply cannot agree with Leica making over priced “OEM type” pure digial cameras.
    When leica makes rangefinders, it’s kind of justifiable to charge premiums since no one else is doing this. But when you are competing with state of the art digial cameras offered by many consumer electronic companies, charging premium because it’s a “rebranded” Leica kind of sucks.
    My point is, digital cameras are consumer electronics that will end up “in the bin” in 5 or10 years time. It does not really qualify being a Veblen good, and it does not deserve to be overpiced like such (or even made).

    • FountainHead

      The Q is OK.

      • C Van

        You are correct. but q in not THIS overpriced. This 18f2.8 set could buy a Q instead.
        rx1r mk2 3000GBP vs Q 3500GBP is kind of okey, but a a6500/xe3/xpro2 etc vs CL, you know what i mean.

  • eric

    I’ll wait to see the kinds of photos it can make but i don’t understand why leica would make the cl after just updating the tl line? seems redundant to make competing models in a market that is dwindling. Of course they will sell some but at that price point with a lens you could easily pick up a leica q or a used M. I do like the simple interface on the back but otherwise i don’t see the appeal of this model unless you’re really into having a small camera made by leica that isn’t named tl2.

    • Eric

      No doubt that segment of the market is dying out, but it would appear that it is not dead yet. Leica has fielded and discontinued many models in the last years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are simply providing “variants” of their models to see what sticks. Some with EVF, some without. Like you, I don’t see most of these surviving in the long run, but Leica appears to be trying to cover all their bases, just in case. That is why they are heavily invested on mobile phone camera technology too. For a small company with a low volume, high profit mentality, this attitude is both smart and highly risky. A gamble, which only time will tell if it works to their advantage.

      • eric

        Yeah, I would agree, leica’s strategy seems to be trying to make a variety of products that appeal in different ways to people. I would just like to see them push the envelope a bit and try new stuff, especially if theyre going to ask $3k for a non-full frame 24mp camera. I mean only people really into the Leica brand are going to even think about this camera because of the price. it’s not innovative enough to really justify it in my opinion. the 18mm lens is the only thing i find appealing but i would have rather seen them just make it like the Q, and attach one lens to it and market it as an alternative to both SL and M users.

  • Mistral75

    The Leica CL and Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 Asph. were announced a bit earlier than 11am UST (8pm JST) on Leica Camera’s Japanese website.



    The Leica CL’s viewfinder has 2.36 million dots (1,024 x 768 x 3).

    • eric

      Im in tokyo right now and just saw this post. the 18mm lens looks cool.

      • soundimageplus

        At the bottom of the camera page all the specs are in English. I think this has got out by mistake. LOREM IPSUM (which means placeholder text) and Clooney are at the top of the page.

  • eric

    Ive seen some more Leica cl images on Instagram if you search for it.

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