First Leica CL mirrorless camera press photo leaked (with Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens)

The first leaked Leica CL mirrorless camera press photo look exactly like the "Leica XY" camera registered with the NCC:

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  • kahiri78

    Oh my, that top plate, especially on the viewfinder side looks ugly.

    • Jack

      Disagree completely with you.
      This is as good looking as an M if in black.

      • Daryl

        Gotta agree with you Jack, this one is unique and looks great, another classic like the M3, we are seeing history in the making.

      • jeupsy

        I’m siding with kahiri78 on this. The viewfinder hump kind of ruins the clean Leica X type of design in my opinion. Not sure about the 2 selection wheels and the LCD either. I get what they want to do from a functionality perspective (allow to use T lenses in manual mode on an X type of body without the T touch interface), but while not as bad as the viewfinder that area doesn’t flood very elegant either.

      • kahiri78

        Well, except that the M does not look like the CL at all especially on that top plate side or even at the back. From the front at a glance – yeah it looks ‘okay’ but overall (for me) no way it looks like an M.

        But, I somewhat agree it looks better in black.

    • tjholowaychuk

      Yeah something about them it feels off to me as well, from the front it looks ok, but from the top it looks lazy

  • Either these new posed shots look way better than the mugshot, or I’m starting to accept this design. The display look perfect for waist-level shooting.

  • Maurice

    One funny thing: on the screen it is written f.2.2 😀

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