New firmware for all Leica M cameras released, new Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH lens rumors

The first news is that Leica released a new firmware update for all of their Leica M cameras with added support for the latest two lenses:

  • Support for the new Thambar-M 90 f/2.2
  • Support for the new Noctilux-M 75 f/1.25 ASPH
  • A Bug, that lead to occasional underexposure when using a flash unit, was fixed (for some cameras only, not for the M10)

Here is the full list of new firmware updates released today:

  • Firmware update version for Leica M10
  • Firmware update version for Leica M/M-P (Typ 240)
  • Firmware update version for Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)
  • Firmware update version for Leica M (Typ 262)
  • Firmware update version for Leica M-D (Typ 262)
  • Firmware update version 1.216 for Leica M9/M9-P/M-E
  • Firmware update version 1.022 for Leica M Monochrom

With the help of a binary editor Nokishita discovered that a new, not yet released Leica Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH lens is listed in the new firmware update (binary editor address: 3DEEC3):

A new 90mm Summilux lens has been rumored since April.

In the future Leica could also introduce a new Noctilux 35mm f/0.95 lens.

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  • I think I know what happened – I switched the places of the 75mm and 90mm lenses when I first reported that rumor a few months ago (Noctilux Summilux):

    • John-F

      So Leica decided to announce their new 75mm Noctilux-M Asph before the new 75mm APO-Summicron-SL. Hmmm. Hopefully the price for that new 75mm APO-Summicron-SL Asph will be below US $12,000 …

      BTW, since you mentioned the 90mm, the current APO-Summicron-M 90mm Asph was first introduced at Photokina 1998, which means that by next Photokina 2018, it will be twenty years old. Time for an upgrade/redesign maybe?

  • Licheus

    Well the “90/1.5” does sound more posh than a “85/1.4″…

    • And they ain’t calling it a Summarit although it’s F1,5…

      • kahudson

        They have shifted the “Summarit” designation to their 2.4/2.5 entry level lenses.

  • I have the Leica M-E, should I just use the M9 firmware update? A new version for the M-E was not released today.

  • Spyro Zarifopoulos

    The M246 firmware that the download link provides does not work….it is Mm-1_022.upm and not the….looks like there is a glitch. Because when uploaded to the camera the camera does not recognize it.

    • I updated my M10 and M-E without any issues.

      • Spyro Zarifopoulos

        yes no issue with those…Looks like they corrected the problem this AM now the right firmware is available….

  • Fiatlux

    When I see how challenging it is to accurately focus my 50mm Summilux or 90mm Elmarit-M, I wonder how practical these long and fast lenses will be, at least when using the rangefinder…

    Anyway, given the asking price, it will remain a rethorical question for me 😉

    • I agree on the focusing – this is why I prefer wider lenses on a Leica M. I use Nikon for telephoto lenses.

  • Eric Boe

    Hey – what about my M8’s?

    • I think they stopped updating the M8 lens profiles a while back.

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