The new Leica Q Typ 116 silver anodized camera is now shipping, currently in stock

The new Leica Q Typ 116 silver anodized camera is now shipping and is currently in stock in the US at Focus Camera.

Other US retailers will start shipping in the next few days: B&H | Adorama | Leica Miami | Leica San Francisco | PopFlash.

For outside of the US check: Meister Camera | Reddotcameras | M&K Kamera | Rangefinder | Map Camera | Leica Boutique Montreal.

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  • jeupsy

    It looks great. Don’t know why they didn’t release that colour earlier. Hopefully when the Q2 comes it will be released in both colours.

  • eric

    I like the silver look. Hopefully the Q2 is 35mm.

    • JJ

      Hopefully not! 😉

      • eric

        What would you prefer then? A new Q that is exactly like version 1 but with micro upgrades like better iso in low light conditions…

        • JJ

          Yes this would nice. But the 28mm lens should stay.

          • eric

            Lol, you know it’s not even really a 28mm lens, right? It’s more like a 26mm view. Im not saying it’s a bad perspective but I think it would be cool if Leica tried different things. 35-40mm has always been a more versatile focal length in my opinion. I think it would do very well in the Leica world. And for people who want 26mm, they can always pick up the original Q.

          • JJ

            Sure, and we have different views on things. Understandable. But that also makes it very hard for a camera manufacturer. We all have our wishes and demands. I am glad I am not the one to decide 😉

          • wiep

            I share yours. When I originally bought it I would have preferred a 35 but now after getting used to it I’m really happy with it. It forces me to get closer, take more risk in my photography. Very nice. Even make great portraits with it now. And mind that you can easily crop to 35. Other way around is harder…A sensor with more megapixel is more in line. Or a 50mm Q.

    • Leicaddict

      I hope they keep it at 28mm as well. After 2.5 years and 20 countries with the Q by my side, it’s proven to be my favorite travel companion. As amazing as it is, I can only imagine how exceptional the mark 2 will be. Focal length is a personal style choice, so no reason to question somebody’s perspective. I just find the 28mm (or 26mm, as you say) to be the most versatile for my style. I also don’t want the camera (or lens) to get too big. Maybe we could get both a 28mm and 35mm version? Dare to dream and I guess we’ll just see how things work out. Cheers.

  • Mike McGrath

    Any updates on when the CL will ship in the US?

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