Check out the unique, custom designed Leica cameras from the Japan Camera Hunter and Street Silhouettes

In the past few months, Japan Camera Hunter and Street Silhouettes have worked together to create several unique, custom designed Leica cameras. Here is a brief report on their work:

So far there are 3 cameras in the project, with several more to come. We have been working together to come up with different and challenging designs.

The first in the series was the Jellybean white and pink camera. With the 21mm Super Angolan, finder and pink meter. This is a straight repaint on the bare brass.

The second was the Pikachu, with matching meter and Summicron 35mm lens. This is also a straight repaint on bare brass. We wanted to see what the limits of color would be.

The most recent is the Snowflake with DR lens. This is a repaint and engraving piece. The snowflakes are all engraved onto the body and filled in with paint. This is the most challenging of the cameras so far as the paint is also pearled and with fading.

The next cameras are coming in the next few months. They will be even more technically challenging. We want to see how far we can push the boundaries.

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  • Franklin Berryman

    Honestly, people must have a lot of time on their hands.

  • sunnywinds

    Lovely and creative !!

    • I like them too. In this case you cannot blame Leica for wasting money 🙂

  • vwking

    Interesting, but Japan is rich with elegant art and designs, I think a Leica adorned with classical Japanese art will be really classy.

  • JB-Dallas

    Horrible. Henri Bresson meets Hello Kitty and Pokemon but I am sure there will be buyer out there for it somewhere. Good luck!

    • They are sold already. Those were all custom made and are not available for sale.

  • the asians love those fancy colour experiments, but honestly its a shame for any camera. and everybody who did this to a camera should be banned from photography. their would be a lot of other colour experiments to show “the boundaries”, to try out custom wishes.
    and i don´t like the street silhouettes “comparisons”, just to show their richness and bored from life.
    don´t get me wrong i customized my m240 and m6ttl as well, but with respect, natural age and carrying arround the world, using it every damn day, and let the time pass by.

    • SimoneDF

      You must be so much fun at parties!

    • JapanCameraHunter

      “The Asians”? For real?

      • please, excuse me! english is not my native language! i dont wanted to offend any feelings!…for real!

  • Bo Dez

    Well the colours and themes aren’t really my cup of tea but there will be thousands who love it esp. in the Japanese market. My son would go nuts for the Pikachu edition. I think they are brilliant and the workmanship and detail looks seriously good.

    • Exactly, I am sure I will never own a pink camera, but I like those “creations”. If I have some extra cash, I may order one in the future – “LeicaRumors” edition 🙂

  • Looks like a camera that can get children into photography, only if it comes with a price tag that is easier to swallow…

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Not my cup of sakè but suum cuique pulchrum est (“to each his own is beautiful”).

    Still, I’d rather spend that money on CLA and restoration. These are (to me) the most beautiful cameras ever made as originally designed.

  • eric

    Just imagine the wait time if Leica did a custom job for everybody…something to be said for mass production too. I wouldn’t mess with my silver M’s.


    i THINK THEY ARE A WORK OF ART, This is very Japanese where customization of products is very common at every level, Personally I love if the camera just be chrome with NAVY BLUE leatherat, but thats not everybodies cup of tea, I have also seen a canon 0.95 done by JCH, in mate black and white I think, very nice. I am sure this is less than what Leica would charge for custom paint job, glad there are craftsman out there who can do such fine work, as Leica says a camera is an extension of the user, this here color scheme shows that visually. I think if one picks up these custom bodies, you will really apprieacate how well the paint job is.

  • Mato

    I love them all

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    I thought putting red leather on my M6 was too much, now I fell positively restrained…

  • ZMWT

    This looks so silly that the impression is “I have a plastic toy camera”. Which actually works well. They should do same with M10.

  • Daryl

    I would think this requires great technical skill to first disassemble and then work with existing materials that are several decades old. You would have to have expertise at so many levels, this is truly artisan and should be admired for the great work it is. It would be interesting to see images of a work in progress, timelines etc.

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