Leica digest: new M10 leather case, brass ventilated lens hoods, 75mm Noctilux review and more

→ New LIM Design leather case for Leica M10 with built-in metal grip and Alcatel Swiss compatible plate (available for sale on eBay).


Leica MP and Voigtländer 50mm f/3.5 Heliar lens.

→ Thorsten's ventilated lens hoods are now available also in brass.

Kristian Dowling reviews the new Leica Noctilux M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens ($12,795).

There is a new version of the MS-Optics Apoqualia-G 28mm f/2 ultra thin lens.

→ Australian documentary photographer and Leica Akademie Instructor Nick Rains shares his experiences of shooting fine travel images from his 30+ years of professional practice (video from B&H).

→ Overview of the $6,495 Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2 lens.

→ Leica CL launch event in China.

→ Leic TL2 slow-motion video.

→ LFI magazine 1.2018 is out.

→ The next Huawei smartphone (name: P11 or P20) with a new 3D camera is rumored to be announced at MWC 2018.

→ The stolen Leica MP Safari camera was recovered and returned to The Camera Store in Calgary.

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  • nemo295

    The Thorsten ventilated brass lens hoods sure do look nice. But a lens hood with a shiny inside surface is a bad idea. His black hoods are a much better idea.

    • I have his silver version and it is pained black on the inside.

  • SimoneDF

    300$ for a lens hood FFS!

  • John-F

    As we end 2017, I am glad to see that things are looking up for Leica. Sales and profits are up. Leica’s presence on the market keeps improving. And now it is time to think ahead for 2018: what do we want to see for 2018, new products or improvements to existing products…

    Here is my two cents (feel free to chip in):

    A new SL2 with a completely new sensor, perhaps something designed with Towejazz (and Nik… ;), with even better 4K UHD-DCI video.

    New SL Prime lenses: the APO-Summicron-SL 75mm and 90mm, the Summicron-SL 35mm – maybe even Summicron-SL 28mm and 24mm lenses. SL versions of the APO-Telyt-R 180mm f2.8 and APO-Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm. And if we are VERY lucky, a PC (i.e. Tilt & Shift) 24mm SL lens with AF (according to rumours, Fuji is due out with such a lens in 2018 for its GFX).

    And finally, for Photokina 2018, a new mirroless Leica S3, with a slightly bigger sensor (possibly even 4:3 aspect ratio) and new wide-angle S-lenses to match…

    Happy new year to everyone!

  • TechUser2011

    What’s the purpose of the “ventilation” on the lens hood?

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