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Leica M digital rangefinder

Recap on the upcoming Leica M camera (Leica M10?)

The new Leica M camera was initially supposed to be announced during the Photokina show in September but it was postponed. The second rumored announcement is/was for November 22nd-23rd but it seems that this date could be pushed back as well. Some tips suggested that the official announcement will not happen before February 2017. So much […]

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CMOSIS announced a new 48MP full frame CMOS sensor

CMOSIS announced the industry’s first global shutter 48MP CMOS full frame sensor that supports 8k image resolution at 30 fps. Why did I post this here? CMOSIS is the sensor supplier for the Leica M Typ 240 cameras. It is still hard for me to believe that the new Leica M will have a 48MP sensor.

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Strange: Leica M10 camera registered in China

A new “Leica M10” camera with Wi-Fi was registered with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Update: just a reminder that a few years ago Leica registered a new M11 trademark. The M10 trademark was registered back in 2011.

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More rumors for the new Leica M camera, limited edition Noctilux also a possibility

I received another set of rumored specifications for the new Leica M camera: Dedicated ISO dial – it’s places next to the viewfinder (this was already reported few months ago) 24MP sensor (not 36MP as the last tip I received suggested) New switch under the viewfinder (?) Less but bigger buttons on the back With the […]

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New wave of rumors about the next Leica M camera emerge

There is a new wave of rumors about the upcoming Leica M digital rangefinder, here is the recap:

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Another limited edition Leica M set to be announced in the next few weeks (update: Ara Güler)

A reader sent me this picture of a new special/limited edition Leica M camera that will probably be announced in the next few weeks. I have no other details for this set. Can someone recognize the logo on the top plate? Update: the top plate has the signature of Ara Güler – an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist […]

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Happy 10th birthday digital Leica M

Today Leica Camera celebrates 10 years of digital M (the Leica M8 was introduced on September 14th, 2006):

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