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Ralph Nelson is trading his Leica M4 cameras kit for modern M bodies and lenses

I received an unusual email from Ralph Nelson ( – he is trading his two Leica M-4 bodies with sequential serial numbers and three Summicron lenses (35mm, 50mm, 90mm) for a set of current Leica M bodies and lenses. His M4 film set has been used on many Hollywood films in the past 45 years. If you are interested in […]

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Feature film and web series filmed with Leica M240 cameras

The new web series called Betterthandead is filmed entirely on a Leica MP Safari camera. Here is the link to the Betterthandead episode and trailer: On October 16th the director/photographer Mark de Paola will also be releasing Three Tutus And A Gun, an original feature film, filmed entirely with the Leica M240 camera. Here is the trailer:

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“Rage Against The Light” new book by Markus Andersen

My name is Markus Andersen, I am a Sydney, Australia based fine art photographer who uses Leica gear. My work, art practice and use of Leica gear was featured in a short documentary called “Into The Belly of The Beast”. I now have my first published book called “Rage Against The Light” on urban street / documentary […]

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Andy Summers’ “Del Mondo” and the Leica Gallery São Paulo Opening

Andy Summers’ exhibition “Del Mondo” opened at the Leica Gallery São Paulo, the first ever Leica gallery in South America, in August 2015. The exhibit, comprised of forty-two black and white images, shows the artist’s life in photographs captured from around the world – from Tanzania to Shanghai – between 1978 and 2014. Watch Andy […]

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Black Rhino creative’s Ryan Mah on the Leica M (video)

Black Rhino Creative’s Ryan Mah explains why the Leica M was the ideal camera to shoot the video documenting a thought-provoking day in the life of software artist, writer and educator Jer Thorp.

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Joel Meyerowitz on why he is shooting with a Leica camera

In this video labeled “What you put in the frame determines the photograph” Joel Meyerowitz explains what makes his style of photography different and unique and why he is shooting with a Leica camera:

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Bruce Gilden on his project for RATP

In this new Magnum Photos video Bruce Gilden speaks about his photographic project for RATP currently shown in 16 stations of the Parisian Metro and at Polka Galerie:

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Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography

Xavier Cambre ( will share his experience shooting the Leica M6 in Mexico: Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography My chiaroscuro photographs oscillate between the real and the dreamlike, the documented and the desired, evoking the sense that the everyday is actually filled with more mystery than it seems. Sometimes brooding and […]

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