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Announced: Leica Sofort Black camera

The Leica Sofort Black camera is now officially announced. The new matte black finished instant camera has the same features and functions of the existing models. For pricing and availability, check one of our sponsors: US Worldwide Adorama B&H PopFlash Leica Boutique Palm Beach Leica Store Soho Leica Store Miami Tamarkin Classic Connection Ken Hansen Meister […]

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Coming soon: silver Leica CL, khaki Leica Q and black Leica Sofort cameras

Leica will soon announce three new cameras (or three new colors colors): Leica CL in silver color Leica Q Khaki (that means no Leics Q2 anytime soon) Leica Sofort black (pictured above) Via Nokishita

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New instant savings on the Leica Sofort instant camera

New price drop on the Leica Sofort instant film cameras: → Mint color: $249.99 at B&H | $257 at Adorama (+ free Leica Sofort color film double pack) → Orange color: $257 at B&H and Adorama (+ free Leica Sofort color film double pack) → White color: $259 at B&H and $279 at Adorama (+ free Leica Sofort color film double pack) The […]

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Three more Leica Black Friday deals

Here are three more Leica Black Friday deals: Leica TL camera now $496 off (+2% rewards) Leica Sofort camera + case kit now $30 off Leica Sofort camera + case + film kit now $37 off More Black Friday deals can be found here and here.

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Leica announces “LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi” special edition Sofort camera

Leica officially announced the previously rumored special edition instant camera designed by renowned photographer, art collector and entrepreneur Jean Pigozzi. The camera “LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi” features the colorful smiling face known as the logo of Pigozzi’s fashion label, LimoLand (more information available here). In addition to the camera, Pigozzi will showcase images from his […]

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New Leica Sofort “LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi” edition camera to be announced on October 19 (Leica x Limoland)

On October 19th Leica will announce a new Sofort “LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi” edition camera (Leica x Limoland). The camera’s front and rear side are embellished with the graphics of “Mr Limo” – the logo of the LimoLand fashion label established by Jean Pigozzi in 2007. “Mr Limo” is the name Pigozzi chose for the […]

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Leica Sofort cameras and Monochrom instant film pack now in stock

The new Leica Sofort Monochrom instant film pack is now in stock at B&H. Leica Sofort cameras are also in stock at B&H (orange), Adorama (white) and Amazon (orange & mint). Here is a Leica Sofort camera unboxing video:

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Leica Sofort camera rumored to start shipping next week

The new Leica Sofort instant camera is rumored to start shipping next week. Check availability and pricing at one of our sponsors: B&H Adorama Popflash Leica Store Miami Leica Store San Francisco Tamarkin Jessops (UK) Reddotcameras (UK) Camtec Photo (Canada) Check out also the available Leica Sofort accessories:

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