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FIrst pictures of “Leica XY” (Leica CL?) mirrorless camera (with EVF)

A new mirrorless camera under the name Leica XY was registered with the Taiwanese telecommunication authority (NCC). This is the camera I have been reported about in the past few months (code name “Clooney”, model 7323). I am not convinced the Leica XY name on the hot shoe is final. I believe this camera will […]

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Leica TL2 now in stock in the US

The Leica TL2 mirrorless camera is currently in stock in the US at Adorama, Amazon, Leica Store Miami and PopFlash. Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a detailed coverage of the TL2.

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Leica TL2 mobile charging with a portable battery pack

The Leica TL2 mirrorless camera can be charged with a portable battery pack: The Leica TL2 battery (Leica BP-DC13) is selling for $95. You can get a decent portable charger for $30 on Amazon. The Leica TL2 camera is finally in stock: Silver TL2 currently in stock at B&H Black TL2 currently in stock Adorama Aditional […]

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Deal of the day: used Leica TL2 camera for $1,679.95 (9+ condition)

If you were planning to purchase the new Leica TL2 mirrorless camera (currently out of stock), you now have the opportunity to buy a used silver TL2 (condition 9+) for $1,679.95 (regular price is $1,950.00). Update: sold out.

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Leica TL camera now $400 off

While the new Leica TL2 is still out of stock, the previous Leica TL mirrorless camera is currently $400 off ($1,295.00) with a 2% cash back reward and free shipping. Limited supply available at that price. Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page

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Leica is rumored to announce another camera with TL-mount and EVF

I already reported that Leica is expected to announce another camera by the end of the year. The new model will be made in Germany and was already registered with the Indonesian telecommunication agency under the code name 7323. Here is some additional information I received in the past few days:

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The silver Leica TL2 camera is back in stock

After Leica released a fix for the Visioflex issue, the new TL2 mirrorless camera is back in stock at B&H (silver version only).

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