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Leica M4 modded with a Canon Rebel sensor

Eugene Zaikonnikov added a digital sensor from a Canon Rebel camera to his Leica M4 rangefinder. Detailed information, including source code, schematics and few sample photos can be found on GitHub. Additional details on the project are available on Rangefinderforum. There is already a Kickstarter project for the development a 3D-module to convert a Leica M3 camera to digital by […]

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Reversible digital conversion kit for Leica M3 cameras on Kickstarter

Ollie Baker has started a Kickstarter project to fund his project to develop a 3D-module made of brass to convert a Leica M3 camera to digital by using the sensor of a Sony a7 inside:

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DIY Leica camera assembly kit

To celebrate Leica´s 100th anniversary, Marcelo Ribeiro created this Leica DIY assembly kit. Update: this Leica DIY was created for the Leica Store Sao Paulo, by F/Nazca (Saatchi & Saatchi Brasil) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first Leica camera. The kit was supposed to be a gift for Leica Store SP […]

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