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Joel Meyerowitz: My Life with Leica (part 2)

Second part of the interview that Leica Akademie Italy has made with Joel Meyerowitz in Milan, in which the American master talks about the Leica M, a camera that has been his tool of choice for street photography in the ’60 and ’70, and that today is his companion for daily shooting. You can watch […]

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Joel Meyerowitz: My Life with Leica (part 1)

Leica Akademie Italy has met Joel Meyerowitz, soon after the opening of his latest exhibition in Milan, and interviewed him about his life long “love” for Leica cameras, from the first Leica M2 in the sixties to the Leica M9, M and S today. In this first take Meyerowitz talks about a camera that has […]

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Leica Akademie now available in Australia

As of September 13th, 2013 Leica Akademie is available also in Australia. Check the new dedicated website at www.leica-akademie.com.au for more information.

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New workshops from Leica Akademie North America

Leica Akademie North America added several new classes to their schedule. Here is the complete list:

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Leica Akademie updates

The Leica Akademie in North America was launched on May 2nd 2011 and has since grown into a full line-up of one day, weekend and destinations photography trips. Now that it’s entering into its third year of offering programs, they have expanded to include Conservation photography workshops lead by photographer Bridget Besaw in Bar Harbor, Maine and Patagonia. Personal […]

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2012-2013 Leica Akademie workshops

There is a new 2012-2013 Leica Akademie workshops schedule for North America. The new destinations are Chilean Patagonia, Big Sur & Monterey in California and Santa Fe and Taos in New Mexico. The price of the workshops varies from $2,499 to $7,725. Full list of all Leica Akademie classes can be found here.

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2012-2013 Leica Akademie North America workshops

LEICA CAMERA INC. ANNOUNCES 2012 – 2013 LEICA AKADEMIE NORTH AMERICA WORKSHOPS Legendary Camera Company Assembles a Collection of Experiences, Inspiring Photographers of All Levels to Amplify Their Creativity and Skills Allendale, NJ (July 18, 2012) – Leica Camera Inc. is pleased to announce an expanded 2012-2013 schedule for the Leica Akademie, North America.  Beginning […]

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