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Leica and the Jews (Leica Freedom Train)

I have covered the “Leica Freedom Train” multiple times in the past. In case you have missed the story, here is a recap a reader sent me a few days ago (thanks K!):

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“One camera, one life” is a short documentary about Leitz family’s efforts to rescue Jews during the Holocaust

“One Camera, One Life” is another short documentary about the Leitz family and their efforts to rescue hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust: I heard that a new narrative motion pictures is currently in production and will be released soon. I have covered the Leica Freedom Train several times in the past (see also Wikipedia and The Guardian for […]

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Leica links

Leica helped Jews flee Nazis: fresh evidence uncovered (see also this movie about the Leica Freedom Train). Images of Leica’s manufacturing process for lenses and cameras. Video from Wetzlar (Leica) manufacturing process from 1937. Have you seen the Green Bay Packers and Hello Kitty Leica M6 limited editions? If you are in the UK, you can win […]

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Leica related links (Leica Freedom Train)

Interesting (and expensive) stuff on eBay: Leica KE-7A Camera + Elcan M 50mm US Military Navy Leica M3 SS w/Summicron 35mm/f2.8 Chinese Leica copy “Red Flag” 15mm f/8 Hologon lens w/viewfinder Another silver vs. pixel comparison by Erwin Puts. “Ernst Leitz Optische Werke Wetzlar” short film directed by Oskar Barnack (1932). From the description: “A portrait of […]

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