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New Leica Outlet Store now open in Wetzlar

A new Leica Outlet Store opened in Leitz Park, Wetzlar and will be selling demo and second-hand Leica equipment. The inventory will be constantly updated and will only be available to store visitors (no online or phone inquiries). Some reports indicate that certain M and S lenses were offered for sale at almost half price. The opening […]

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Leitz Park III construction to begin in early 2016

The construction of Leitz Park III is scheduled to begin in early 2016 and it will include a hotel called “Ernst Leitz Hotel” with 120 beds, a new museum that will be part of “Leica World” (Leica Welt) and the headquarter for CW Sonderoptic:

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Richard Seymour: Photographing Leitz Park with the Leica S (video)

Richard Seymour, British industry and architecture photographer, was one of the first to try out the new Leica S (Typ 007). He went to Leica Camera AG’s headquarters at Leitz Park to test the camera out. In this video, he talks about his photographic approach to shooting architecture, the focus on modernity in his work […]

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Aerial video of Leitz Park, Leica Camera’s headquarters

An aerial video of Leitz Park, Leica Camera’s headquarters:

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The glass facade for the Wold of Leica experience at Leitz Park was designed by Alfons Alt

Alfons Alt, the art photographer who lives in France, has designed and constructed a work of art in glass especially for the Leica headquarters in the Leitz Part in Wetzlar. The installation across the three-part window on the northern side of the foyer is a particularly eye-catching work and is a fascinating enrichment to the […]

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Leitz Park opening festival (video)

Leica Camera celebrated its return to Wetzlar, the birthplace of the Leica Camera, and 100 years of Leica photography with the opening of the new Leitz Park:

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Open Day in Leitz Park, Wetzlar

If you did not get the chance to visit the new Leitz Park in Wetzlar, here are few images taken on Saturday during the Open Day courtesy of Vlad Dusil (click on images for larger view):

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Today’s recap

I published several posts today and shared even more content on Facebook and Twitter in the past 24 hours. Here again are the latest headlines: New Leica Macro Elmar-M 90mm f/4 lens and Macro-M adapter announced Leica announced new special editions Leitz Park products Valbray and Leica present the EL1 Chrono Leica M Monochrom in silver […]

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