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Fight lens fungus with this new electronic dry cabinet for photo gear

Many Leica shooters who are using old M lenses know that lens fungus could be a problem, especially in areas with tropical climate and high humidity. Today B&H started selling these new electronic dry cabinets for lenses, photographic gear and other equipment. Two different models are available: 30L and 80L. Additional information:

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This B+W UV-PRO Premium device should prevent lens fungus (Leica mount compatible)

This B+W UV-PRO Premium device uses UV light to kill bacterias that cause lens fungus and is now available in Leica M mount (can be used for cameras and lenses). Here is a short video demonstrating how it works: Check pricing and availability on Amazon, eBay and DigitalRev (currently available only for Nikon and Canon mounts). More pictures […]

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