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What else is coming from Leica next week?

After the Leica M cinema lenses, Sofort camera and titanium M-P set announcements, here is an updated list (based on my previous post) on what else to expect from Leica at Photokina next week:

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Five new Leica SL lenses to be announced: four primes and one zoom

I already reported that I expect Leica to announce several new SL lenses at the Photokina show this year. I am pretty sure one of the new lenses will be a Summilux SL 50mm f/1.4 ASPH that will be priced at €4,800 (around $5,400). Here is the list of other SL lenses that will be announced in the […]

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Leica Sofort instant camera officially announced

The Leica Sofort instant cameras are now officially announced. The US price is $299 and pre-orders are currently open at: B&H Adorama Leica Store Miami Jessops (UK) Broadway Camera (Canada) Camtec Photo (Canada) Leica Sofort features / specifications:

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New Novoflex SL/NIK lens adapter (using Nikon lenses on Leica SL camera)

New Novoflex SL/NIK lens adapter to be announced at Photokina (for using Nikon lenses on Leica SL camera):

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The new Leica Sofort instant camera will be announced on September 15th

The new Leica Sofort instant camera that already leaked in the latest issue of LFI magazine is real and will be officially announced on September 15th. There will be also a Leica branded color and black and white instant film (Fuji recently announced it): The camera can work also with regular Fuji Instax film. The price will […]

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New Leica “Sofort” instant camera leaked in LFI magazine?

A new Leica instant camera reportedly leaked in the latest issue of LFI magazine. If anyone got the new LFI issue please confirm, because this looks more like a joke than a real leak. Update: I received multiple confirmations that this camera is indeed real – more information is available here. The so called “Sofort” (instant in […]

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Get ready to not see a new Leica M at Photokina

I already mentioned the possibility of Leica not releasing a new digital M rangefinder for Photokina this year. This has been pretty much the consensus of all tips and emails I received in the past few weeks. With the exception of one tip, we have not seen any leaks or indications that a new M is coming […]

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The new T camera will be called “Leica TL”

The new Leica T camera that will be announced at Photokina will be called Leica TL. You probably already noticed that the new Leica APO Macro-Elmarit TL 60mm f/2.8 ASPH lens was already labeled as TL while previous lenses were just T. All this makes sense since the SL and TL technically share the same mount […]

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