What else is coming from Leica next week?

After the Leica M cinema lenses, Sofort camera and titanium M-P set announcements, here is an updated list (based on my previous post) on what else to expect from Leica at Photokina next week:

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  • John-F

    What I would like to see (and more or less expect) is a move by Leica to adopt a new sensor architecture across all its cameras: smaller photosites (pixel pitch around 4.8 microns), on-chip ADC (and RAM) for each photosite, and a more modern BSI or ‟stacked‟ architecture.

    It can be done, and after many years of the 6 micron TrueSense architecture (originally developed by Kodak ISS for Leica), it’s time to move on to something new an more modern.

    BTW, the 16MP sensor used in the (now discontinued) Leica T uses a 4.8 micron pixel pitch. If Leica were to use a new, modern sensor with a 4.8 micron pixel pitch (or approx 4.8), the Leica M and SL cameras (and also Q) would jump to 37.5 MP, and the Leica S would go to about 59 MP.

    With the introduction of the Hassy X1D, the pressure is on all camera manufacturers to come up with alternative (and innovative) products. I would expect Leica to introduce a new mirrorless version of its Leica S camera within the next 12 months.

    As far as lenses are concerned, I am very happy to see the progress in the SL system, but I hope that Leica will not forget all of us Leica M users – we expect new lenses too!

    Speaking of which, when is Leica going to replace the (very old) 50mm Summicron-M (close to 40 years old now). Leica has been on record that the current APO-Summicron 50mm Asph is not a replacement of the current 50 ‘Cron. So Leica, how about a new 7 element Cron?



    • Ric Ricard

      I’m not all that technical, so I don’t know what you’re talking about with microns and such. However, my belief is that the rangefinder in the M series is not going to be accurate enough to focus a 37mp image. Considering that the Fuji cameras are 24mp, and the Nikon flagship D5 is only 21, I think a new Leica M at 24mp would still be viable in the marketplace and still be desirable by amateurs and professionals.

      • I can focus my M perfectly and it’s 24mp and I get tack sharp results in good lighting conditions. Dunno why people think they’re so hard to focus accurately?

        As for microns, the size of the photosites are currently 6 microns which is 1.6x more area per pixel than a 4.8um pixel pitch. Without any difference in technology, I’d prefer larger for more dynamic range and lower noise.

        • John-F

          I agree with you – if adopting a smaller pixel pitch would translate into more noise, worse image quality (and less DR), I would not be happy.

          But if new technology (Back Side Illumination, Stacked architecture à la Sony A7R II) would yield less noise – even with smaller pixels, I would be all for it. Of course, Leica would still have to fix the few quirks of the M240 – especially the size of the in-camera memory buffer …

          It’s only a question of days now. We should know very soon if Leica does indeed intent to announce a new digital M. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      • John-F

        Ric, you raise a good point. There has to be a limit to the accuracy of the Leica M rangefinder when it comes to ever higher megapixels. What if you put the 51MP sensor of the EOS 5DS into a Leica M240 – would its rangefinder be accurate enough to deliver maximum sharpness with all lenses? I am not sure of that. And BTW, I don’t think we really need 50MP in a Leica M either, but that’s another story …

        However, I have read many articles that claim that Leica has been working a new Leica M with a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder which would include focussing electronic focusing aide (somewhat like on the Fuji X100 series)

        Having a sensor with smaller pixels (a width of 4.8 microns instead of the M240’s 6 microns) would yield slightly higher megapixels (37.5 instead of 24). While we could argue the marketing merits of ever higher megapixels (a crazy race IMHO), a slight increase could be beneficial for future Leica lenses.

        However, new sensor or not, Leica would still have to fix the few quirks of the M240 – the Insufficient size of its in-camera memory buffer, the erractic (auto) white balance (although I am told the WB of the Leica Q is a big improvement), and a few ergonomic changes to controls and buttons.

  • martin

    A new M with CCD color coding CMOS sensor would do! I’m sold with that!

  • Massimo Scognamiglio

    I would like to se a new xvario. I love mine. It’D an amazing solid an with a great IQ camera. A faster lens, – better VF and 24mp and could be ideal camera.

    • John-F

      Apparently, there is a very good chance of a new Leica X camera at Photokina.

  • Licheus

    I can already envision a new product line to re-release vintage lenses that does the Leica glow… the next in line would be the 35/3.5 Summaron or 50/1.5 Summarit.

    The thing is they’ll cost as much as any new Leica lens today. Hope Voigtlander would churn out more Vintage Line lenses soon to balance it up.

  • Bo Dez

    all Leica have done is announce some lenses that will be ready for next Photokina and launch a new “business unit” which is just marketing to say they have NOTHING. Seems Sony have nothing. Nikon has nothing. Canon has a long awaited update that brings pretty much nothing. Hasselblad is going to kill it with the X1D. If Fuji really has an MF they are going to get serious leverage in the industry right now.

    • Les

      Leica hasn’t shown their cards yet, so let’s see what they have.

      The reason why Sony and Nikon have nothing to show is because the Sony sensor fab is still on the mend. No new sensors = no new cameras.

      • Bo Dez

        Lets see, indeed.

  • Enche Tjin

    I asked one of Leica staff in Photokina. He said that there will be no more product announcement in Photokina. So the new camera registered in Indonesia maybe just special edition cameras.

    • There were two cameras registered – what could be the second one? I am pretty sure a new TL is coming, I just don’t understand why they did not announce it for Photokina. Same with the 28mm f/5.6 M lens. Maybe cost savings – those huge Photokina events were not cheap.

      • Enche Tjin

        Maybe one for Sofort, one for special edition camera.

        • The Sofort doesn’t have Wi-Fi – those certification are for Wi-fi as far as I know. The M-P Titaniums is also an existing already certified camera and I don’t think it needs a separate certification.

  • Kira

    What led you to switch from very good chance of a new d-lux or v-lux to a very low chance? Thanks!

    • The lack of rumors. Usually we hear what’s coming few weeks before the announcement, it did not happen this time.

  • Luis Paris

    Any news on the new Leica cameras at Photokina? Dying to know here…

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