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Leica M10 firmware update released

Leica camera just released firmware updated version for the M10 camera. Here is the changelog:

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Leica M10 camera to be added to the à la carte program in the next few months

Leica is rumored to make the new Leica M10 camera available for custom configuration in their à la carte program in the next few months – could be as early as April this year, probably once the pre-orders backlog is fulfilled (rendering by Hollis Duncan).

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Leica M10 available on eBay for a premium

There are several listings on eBay for new Leica M10 cameras priced at almost $9,000 (or £5,999.99 for the UK) – a significant premium over the MSRP of $6,595.

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The spirit level / virtual horizon is coming back to the Leica M10 with a firmware update

Update on my last Leica M10 camera Q&A post regarding the missing spirit level/virtual horizon: I received several confirmations that Leica will put back this feature in one of the upcoming M10 firmware updates (probably will not be part of the upcoming Update: I received some conflicting information on this rumor, so we should […]

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Leica M10 camera Q&A

During the last two weeks I received many questions regarding the new Leica M10 camera. I will try to answer them all in this Q&A post. If you have any additional questions, please add them in the comment section and I will update this post. Here are the Q&A:

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New ThumbsUp for Leica Q Titanium (EP-SQ2) and Leica M10 (EP-MX)

Match Technical announced two new ThumbsUp models for the Leica Q Titanium and Leica M10 cameras: ThumbsUp EP-SQ2 Titan for the Leica Q Titanium gray camera: check pricing and availability at Popflash and Leica Store Miami. ThumbsUp EP-MX for Leica M10: check pricing and availability at Popflash. For the M10 model Leica created their own thumb support which has […]

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Leica M10 cameras now shipping with new firmware

Some new Leica M10 cameras were shipped with firmware version (most have version It is safe to assume that a new M10 firmware will be released soon. The only bug I saw so far in the M10 is that the status screen does not correctly display the selected exposure metering mode: Update #1: the new […]

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