Leica M9 makes a guest appearance on Capture One Pro v4.8.2


Leica M9 concept (not the real deal)

First I would like to remind you that Leica and PhaseOne are no longer partners (Capture One software is still distributed with Leica cameras). This makes the following rumor even more interesting: in the latest version Capture One Pro 4.8.2 there is a file called Leica M9-Generic.icm (for Windows under Program Files(x86)\Phase One\Capture One 4\Color Profiles\DSLR) which corresponds to a ICC profile for "Leica M9 Generic". The result from a RAW conversion to JPG is very close to that of Canon 5D MK II. Which reminds me of another rumor: Leica M9 will use the Canon 5D Mark II sensor. I do not have the Pro version of Capture One, but if someone can make a comparison between the Leica M9 and Canon 5D MK II RAW conversion and send it to me, I would appreciate it.

I think we are getting closer to Leica M9 on 09.09.09 @ 09:09.

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  • I shoot with a 5D Mark II at work. If the M9 has that sensor, I think I might have to go back to Leica for my personal stuff. A full frame M9 and a 35 Summilux ASPH would cover about 80 percent of my personal shooting.

    The color from that sensor is outstanding. (And I’m a Nikon fan!) And the video is amazing. Not that Leica would do video. 😀

  • dick

    What a sneaky find. I wonder if the 9/9/09 will bear any photographic fruits?

  • NikoDoby

    IF this is true then kudos for Leica! But they should of used the Nikon D3X sensor 🙂

  • buckhorn_cortez

    If you look at the M9 profile and M8 profile in a program like GamutWorks, you will see that the M9 profile is exactly the same as the M8 Generic (non UV / IR) profile. Also, the creation date for the M9 profile is exactly the same date and time as the M8. The colorspace has a large portion in the IR area of the spectrum that corresponds to the M8 without an IR filter. This means the M9 profile
    is a placeholder and not a real profile for a new camera. The fact it shows up on the menu is interesting – but the data associated with the menu item shows no new information.

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