Another Leica concept

This concept of a Leica point and shoot camera was created by Mark Law:

"The design language echos the true form of original cameras, aiming to simplify a product that is usually overly complicated. The controls are limited to a simple sector wheel located on the top of the camera for easy access, and a main central control pad. The shutter button has become a more prominent feature, willing the user to press it. The flash has been hidden, only popping up when needed, as to give the camera a more streamlined visual language."

Go to Mark Law's website for more images.

Last time there were some confusions, so I have to remind you that those concepts are just a designer's perspective on what a camera should/could look and they are not related to Leica Camera AG in any way.

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  • While a minimalist design ethic is part of the Leica aesthetic, ergonomy is most essential of all. My first disconnect is the shutter, WHY? Why make such a change? (just to be different!) That said, I think the absence of a hotshoe casts it as a point&shoot, otherwise the shutter design is going to win no converts from most Leica enthusiasts.

  • I forgot to mention the location of the trash button-BAD IDEA!

  • longtran

    it looks like a Canon Ixus with a red dot sticker to me.

  • M!

    welcome to 2000.

  • Ken

    That is a Kodak DC if you cover the red dot. Looks a lot like it on the back

  • Hal9000

    Please, please, please; no trash can icons on any Leica cameras! Ever!

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