Leica X2 and one new M lens on May 10th?

Leica X1

In addition to the Monochrome M body, I also think that Leica will announce a new X2 compact camera and maybe even one new M lens (probably 50mm Summicron). The silver Leica X1 is already discontinued and not even in stock at B&HAdorama and Dale. The X2 will not be an interchangeable lens camera - Leica will announce it's mirrorless solution during the Photokina show in Septmeber.

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  • Nobody Special

    That’s it?

    So, the comment from Leica recently that it would be showing new ‘systems’ (sorry, I don’t rememebr the exact qoute) in May so far amount to a B&W M9ish type body, a new lens for the M and the ‘new’ X2 with another ‘fixed’ lens? The new, ‘mirrorless solution’ – (is that like the never produced FF R lens ‘solution’) – will be shown at Photokina??? I really, really, truly hope they have MORE than that. Of course, Kaufmann will be there in May gloating about Leica which is always good for something……..except product.

    Please, please show us more than that……..

  • lol@you

    a b&w only m body is pretty good…that isnt a “thats it?” product. That is a “thats it!” product

    • Nobody Special

      In the recent history of Leica promises – specifically spoken and not delivered – these items (and I do hope there is something else) to my mind constitute a bit of a let-down…..

      A Monochrome M body has potential – especially if the gray scale is completely ‘seamless’ as in a large format B&W negative – that would be impressive. I am a ‘hard task-master’ that has lived through more than a few Leica promises not delivered.

    • Rosco

      “a b&w only m body is pretty good…that isnt a “thats it?” product. That is a “thats it!” product”

      And who said that punctuation isn’t important any more? 😉

  • Watch Leica do something else entirely, like announce the M7.2, and the R10 dSLR. Then to cockpunch everyone, release the new Leica edition Fiat 500 complete with a Summicron backup camera lens.

    • Joaquim Prado

      I don’t think leica will reissue there R System, it’s already out of production for a while specially the lenses it would that a lot of efforts to revive R system. Nikon and Canon are already pretty solid in this market and I beleive they will not have the guts to fight with then. Leica is always too expensive compared to other options and most professionals will prefer high end Canon and Nikon DSLR because probably it will cost the same and will not delivery the same features a speed!

      But I bet the new M10 will have a amazing sensor and a hibrid viewfinder, will not be suprised if don’t have video feature but I would if released with no liveview and dual card slot, which is pretty convinient when travelling! and it will weight less than M9!

      • Nobody Special

        You kow of course that for Leica to build an M10 as you would like – including the expected as normal now-a-days dual card slot and other features you mention the ‘form-factor’ would more than linkely have to be completely different. Just shoe-horning the existing features into the existing M platform/size is pretty much at it’s limits.

        Then getting into Leica’s past and current unwillingness to change that form – well, if they did manage to bring anything new feature-wise into the existing M it would be a packaging nightmare/wonder to do so.

        Eventually, if they want to ‘up-feature’ the M they more than likely will have to have two body styles – Traditional and ‘Modern’, which to me makes perfect sense. The modern could actually have a sculpted body, switchable live-view, sequence capability, a redesigned adjustable and larger eyepiece, a finder that would actually have frames for all the M lenses, and metering information in the finder. That’s a camera which they COULD build alongside the traditional…..I’m not holding my breath.

        • Joaquim Prado

          They could keep a M10p as tradicional and make this M10 with new features. I bet they can do a lot of improviment with the tradicional body, liveview for sure but not the dual card slot, that is really not that important it’s more a convinience than a priority. Better sensor, lighter weight and liveview would be a hell of a improviment!

      • shashinka

        ‘m, still working on western humor. Was not serious about a digital R, just stipulate that Leica would try to do something completely different than what people think they going to do.

  • Joe

    No M10 on May 10? What a wasted opportunity. Didn’t they announce the M9 on 9-9-09?

    • h

      COuldn’t agree more.

    • larry

      well u can always wait fof next year’s may 10, haha

    • anon

      in that case, May 10, 2010 would have been best…they’re two years late!

    • regular

      Wait till September 10th… it’s a Monday anyway 🙂

  • Mike

    Hoping for an X2 with at least an f2 lens.

  • Never Generate

    it’s this is the case it’s time to short the leica stocks! prepare to see them plummet…

    • Nobody Special

      I have to say that IF they do not do something that is completely different from their usual you may be correct – though the stock is gone from the ‘public’ at large…..

  • Joaquim Prado

    Will the X2 have a hybrid viewfinder?

  • not important

    The best thing they can do is to evolve the current M9 into a mirrorless solution for the people not into rangefinders e.g. the new X-system with FF sensor, autofocus, liveview – being able to use M-Mount lenses – anything other will not bring them forwards. A special edition B/W M9-P is interesting – but I guess the majority of the M9 users is just wanting a better S/N Ratio. ISO 2500 is ok, but without noise please!!

  • Leica M10 information leaked!

    To satisfy the demand of die hard Leica enthusiasts, the new Leica M10 will have no LCD screen, no color, no flash, no weather sealing and as few buttons as possible.
    In addition, to make it an ideal stealth street and travel camera Leica has made the casing out of high quality, ultra light cardboard.
    After years of archive research, the engineers at Leica found out that even the most revered photographers on average never took more that 27 extraordinarily great shots in their career. Since Leica’s new camera body offers a whopping total of 36 exposures, it, like everything that Leica has made so far, will last more than a life time.

  • CRB

    Maybe leica X2 will get AF performance as the panasonics? i hope so…still 35mm eq , right? and probably updated 16mp sensor…..

  • OB

    X2 is zoom ?

  • John

    I for one would be so disappointed if the 10th May announcement for an M camera is only for a B&W camera. I know there may be an X2 or even an updated S2 but I still would like a proper (read colour) M10 to be announced.


  • shashinka

    Of course, if the rumors are true bout the sensor shortage and people getting all new M9’s, would it be safe to buy an M9M (or whatever it called if true) what happens if its sensor dies?

  • Bryan Campbell

    Why do it on May 10th if it’s not the M10 announcement? Seriously, they could have done it any other day that month. If you announce a product on May 10th and it’s not the M10 people will be angry. I think they will announce it with the black & white camera, the x2, and a lens. The M10 will be a prototype only and nothing but specs until Photokina.

  • If they would come up with a camera with a 85/90 mm lens (in 24×36 eq.) I would buy both the 35 mm and the 90 mm…

  • Unless the X2 has blazing fast AF (I doubt it) I don’t see why anyone would buy it when they can get an X100 for MUCH cheaper. Now that Fuji has updated the firmware the X100 is a pretty sweet performer…gonna be tough for Leica to beat it.

    • hexx

      this is so true, can’t imagine what they could come up with to beat X100

      • And

        The title for a “compact with a fixed quality lens and Leica look” is owned by Fuji X100 right now. Leica has to beat them and create, at least, an equal X2.
        That means a better camera with all the same key features that makes the X100 such a nice Leica:)
        If they can’t muster that I think they lose that market segment and have to find another league to play in for the X2.

  • Huggs
  • Mike

    My dream: X2 metal body like the Leica CM in black.
    AF with a German Leica zoom 24-90 mm open minimum f2
    Sensor: minimum 16 mp 1/63 or better APS.

    What a surprise? on 10 may 2012

  • Gustavo Osterling

    I want an X2 with a M8 size sensor, 35mm equivalent lense with manual focus, like the M9, max aperture of F1.8 or even F1.4.. . godd ISO performance and around $1500 to $1800 price tag, and I’ll buy one.

    • And

      Yes! And add an optical viewfinder and they will regain the title from the X100!

  • I just want an camera (M9.3; M10; M whatever) I can count on in every situation.
    • I’m tired of retouching the red/magenta blotches/splotches out of people.
    • Moiré. Enough said.
    • I’m tired of running out of buffer just when the subject is just coming alive.
    • I’m tired that if I shoot beyond ISO 800 I have to explain, and sometimes apologize, to clients.
    • I’m tired of clients freaking out when they look at the miserable LCD preview screen.

    I love my Leicas, always have. Been shooting them since the mid-70’s. I’ve drank a lot of Koolaid over the years, but dang it does get frustrating at times.

    • Oh, and put a dang flash terminal on the body somewhere so we can shoot with a wide angle lens w/viewfinder AND connect a Pocket Wizard! How hard is that?

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