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Mr. Miyazaki MS Optical

Mr. Miyazaki | MS Optical

After the MS Optical Perar Super Triplet 28mm f/4 and MS Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II lenses, Japanexposures reports that Mr. Miyazaki's next project will be a new MS Optical 50/1.13 lens:

"Lastly, a new lens by Mr Miyazaki is on the horizon, the MS Optical 50/1.13. The lens offers a very wide aperture and is a Sonnar design. Ten copies will be assembled in early September and details published at that time. These are not prototypes, and to use Mr Miyazaki’s own words “I do not make enough mistakes to justify building that many prototypes” — these are full production spec lenses. After that more lenses are made to produce 300 in total. The lens will be available via various outlets and is priced at Y109.000."

Read more about MS Optical and Mr. Miyazaki at Japancamerahunter.

Via Tokyocamerastyle | Image credit: Japancamerahunter

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  • “These are not prototypes, and to use Mr Miyazaki’s own words “I do not make enough mistakes to justify building that many prototypes”

    No Miyazaki-san makes no mistakes on his prototypes. They are reserved for production lenses. My two Perar lenses are prime examples.


    Typos intentional. By me, not by him.

    I would like to say that his lenses are otherwise optical and mechanically correct, but I cannot say so in good faith. Both the Perars required Loctite and the 35 doesn’t lock, but slides out of lock when I change the aperture. I have considered gluing it in place rendering it a ‘rigid’.

    All said, the 28/4 is my favourite lens at the moment; not because it is sharp, but rather because it is not. The 28 is about as sharp as a peeled banana.

    • “The 28 is about as sharp as a peeled banana.”

      At which f-number and as compared to what?

  • There is a lens coming, it is true, though it was meant to remain a secret until the official release. Although there are prices circulating, the official price has not yet been set by Miyazaki san. I am hoping to have my first lens in hand in the next couple of days, then there will be an official announcement on the site.
    If you want more info then drop me a line and I can try to help.

    • Stephen Patterson

      Bellamy, it’s interesting that you say the official price has not been set when Japanexposures quote Mr. Miyazaki directly as saying the price is Y109.000. I also see that the Japanexposures article above links to a schematic drawing and photos of the new lens, next to a silver chrome Leica Noctilux no less. Not exactly a rumor anymore…

      • greg townsend

        How do we order the lens?

      • greg townsend

        Stephen, I just ordered it. Please order it too. I want to get something that has a different rendering and I think this lens is it.

        • Stephen Patterson

          Greg, I would think you would want to see more data and sample images before ordering this lens, which is 40% more expensive than the CV/Nokton 50/1.1 lens. I will grant you that the Nokton doesn’t exactly blow my doors off with IQ, but at least it’s a proven lens.

          Of course all this is academic to anyone who owns a Noctilux 0.95 (um, don’t you have one in your bag?)

  • Dirk


    Not sure what the problem is with your 28. Hundreds of others are very pleased with their bananas.

  • Sample shots here showing the effect of the adjustable coma control:

  • Sky

    Looks like a decent soft-focus lens.

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