Rumor: Leica will introduce a new R lens adapter for the upcoming digital M rangefinder

The Leica event "Das Wesentliche" will take place on September 17th (next Monday) in Cologne. The only update I have for now is that Leica will introduce a new M mount adapter for R lenses. If you still have your R glass, soon you will be able to use it on the upcoming Leica M rangefinder (may not necessary be called M10). Focusing will probably be done with an optional EVF (focus peaking).

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  • J Shin

    That will do as the “R solution”, but too expensive for me…

    Again, advantage a99.

    • Fagix

      Non-optical finder & no auto-aperture?
      This doesn’t sound satisfying to me. This is actually even worse than the currently available solutions.

      • J Shin

        I guess it depends on the quality of the EVF. I’ve tried the SLT-a77, and I think, for my eyesight, its EVF is comparable to SLRs. Focus peaking is not universally useful, and inferior to rangefinder in wide-angle/low-contrast situations, but good enough in most cases where split-prism would work well. With the EVF showing WYSIWYG view, auto diaphragm is not needed, and it’s REALLY nice to see how over- and under-exposure looks, and to get a full-time depth of field preview as well.

        So, for me, a good EVF solution is better than third-party SLR for sure, since you can’t get autodiaphragm with any of the existing non-Leica brands anyway, and in many ways better than OVF-rangefinder. As it stands, Sony is the closest to plundering my savings account. If not the a99, I might go for the full-frame NEX video camera VG-900, pending its still image quality.

        Of course, if Rayqual or someone comes up with an autodiaphragm adapter for R-EOS or full-frame NEX, I’m game. Hint, hint? 🙂

        At any rate, I have little to complain. This has been and will continue to be a fantastic year for camera lovers.

        • Jason and I (Red Fez) had discussion about this other night. He thoguht A77 SLT viewfinder great. I did not like so much. It would be sad if Leica went this route, but realize Leica can not sit totally still for 50 years and time may come for EVF.

          I do agree with WYSIWYG advantage with EVF in exposure.But still on fence. I prefer nice bright OVF over EVF feels too laggy and resolution feels fake to me, like watching tele. Feels removed from subject.

          • Rolleiflex

            It might be fake and laggy under few conditions, but the advantages in low light (bright VF), real time DOF (don’t have to worry about focus shift), real time exposure (10-stop ND composition and focus is a breeze), and focus peaking (extremely useful to nail focus at f/8 or more in macro). So unless you only shoot under one specific discipline (i.e. sport) then EVF is miles ahead of OVF for the convenience. There is no extra point when you have to deal with the optical and mechanical limitations.

  • Interesting prospect as I have several R lenses…..looking forward to seeing what is released!!

  • Drew

    Optional evf is a deal breaker, at the anticipated price point a hybrid vf should be standard.

    • Les

      It’s a Leica M. Why in heaven’s name would anyone want to attach a television to it?

      The EVF will only sell to collectors and to people who really wanted an SLR (but none were expensive enough?)

    • Nick

      I’ll lend you my x100 and my M6 for twenty minutes each. The we’ll talk about the dumb fuck comment you just made.

  • Me

    Looooooool, R Lens…

  • Most likely going to be a mirror less camera that will take R lenses, guess we’ll have to wait and see …

  • Not Important

    While it might be true that an M10 with optional viewfinder will be released by Leica – I think they will realize that this is not “das Wesentliche” where current Leica M9/P users are looking for so I believe Leica has something more up their sleeve. My guess is that next to a M10 that is aimed as a luxurious camera without the manual hassles and limitations for people that don’t like to deal with that, that Leica will release a M9.2 with an upgraded sensor aimed at those people that don’t want to deal with live view and optional viewfinders.

    • Robert

      Wat I find strange in your comment is u expect leica to leave their customers with the M10 to change for another type of customer who wants an sort of full frame NEX and can’t be bothered with a rangefinder and manual operation.
      And to leave their current customers with an updated M9.

      U have to realize leica is a small company. If they aim the M10 to those kind of customers they also start to compete with big company’s like sony or canon.

      Sure they will be the only on with a FF sensor in the beginning, but after a while sony will introduce a FF nex with would be cheaper, better in ISO’s ect and they are left with nothing but their name and build to justify the price and lack of AF.

      Leica now has a 100% marketshare for the digital rangefinders. And so many customers they can’t hold up with the demand.
      It would be really stupid to give that up for other customers who just want a small body with FF sensor and would leave leica in a wink if someone else gives them a better FF sensor with small body for a lower price.

      Besides the idea that u expect people now using a 1200 dollar NEX 7 will buy a 10000 dollar M10 when its released because its FF.

      I think the M10 might have LV and even the option for a EVF, but its still aimed at the current M9/ M9P owners as a M9 successor, so still the rangefinder as main focus method and an all manual camera.

      The idea of an ME (Economic) sounds logic if leica really hits the 10000 dollar line with the M10 leaving a gap. But again I don’t think it will be anything other than a rangefinder camera. They might reduce price on build, like the leica CE, but not on their specialty.

  • swag johnson

    Sigh, I have already converted all of my R lenses to canon EF mount :/

  • I remember the rumors that the mirrorless camera was supposed to use R lenses? I imagine it would be nice to have a digital body for the R glass and would def increase the value of the lenses but the M rumors are really depressing me.

    • John

      Leica would never make it a native R mount camera…since they no longer manufactuer R lenses. Based on that, at least they did something for legacy users.

    • I don’t think there will be a Leica mirrorless camera announced at Photokina.

  • Joe

    Does it piss you off that Leica probably thinks you’re a joke?

    Where was your invitation to the event?

    Hell Nikon absolutely thinks you’re a joke.

    • Nick

      Rather be a joke than a nothing…

    • Joe, not sure who you are talking to.

  • Bryan Campbell

    I think it would be wise for Leica to start charging less for the camera bodies

    • Huggs

      Considering the USD & Euro crisis, that would be a good idea. Heck, even China’s economy is slowing a bit.

  • Me

    When I hear about EVF, Live View, autofocus, video and all the other cr*p for a Leica rangefinder, I go nuts.

    I just hope for a M9 with better ISO, dynamic range and battery life.

    Please, people, stop writing all this nonsense about Leica rangefinders. Most of you don’t even own one.

  • unlinqua

    They’re going to offer to upgrade the sensor of the M9/M9P.

    • LT

      Probably another 1.5 – 2K for the upgrade. Worth it?
      However, this is the only way to make it last forever.

  • mock rock

    My review is now online. The M10 is not a real camera, the IIIg was the last of the the real Leicas.

    • E

      I’m extremely happy with my old IIIf ;D

  • Nobody Special

    Having both M and R systems, the R solution (unless it’s a real whizz-banger) is a day late and a dollar short. If it’s not FF and some ‘new’ APS body absolutely, positively, forget it.

    Is Leica really thinking or hoping R users are still waiting for an R solution after what, 4 years??? There are now offerings from S, C, and N, that will work. Maybe whatever the semi-mystery camera is the R adapter will just be marketed as an accessory and not as an R solution. Because if Kaufmann comes out smiling and does his ‘Leica iz za best because we have an adapter to use your R lenses’ someone please get up and kick him in the arse’.

  • Nobody Special

    Oh, by the way, it would seem like a strong possibility that any M with live view and an accessory EVF would allow R glass use with an adapter – but for what – somewhere between 8 and 10K for the body?

    • J Shin

      I was curious what you thought about the Sony NEX-VG900 as an “R solution”. 24MP full-frame. It has NEX mount, not A mount, so no need to invest hundreds of dollars with Leitax and chipping. Nice EVF with histogram, contrast-detect focusing (not sure about focus confirmation), and peaking. Real hot shoe. Typical Sony-type menu hell, but better controls for manual settings than previous VGs. $3,300, so more expensive than SLT-a99, but, again, less expense for the mount adapter.

      And, unlike Canon or Nikon FFs, can use the Summilux-R 1.4/35 and the Fisheye and others. Probably also the Super Angulon 3.4/21 and the Hologon-M.

      And no need to shell out $2000-3000 extra for the rangefinder mystique. (And, for others who do not know me, I have used rangefinders, including Ms, and I don’t like it.)

      The only negative is the microphone, and maybe the fact that everyone will assume I’m videographing, which might be a good thing, since that’s less likely to make people pose.

      This is the first camera that I think I would buy without squinting.

      • Nobody Special

        I’ve only checked in to the idea a little bit since it’s release. I would like to give it a ‘field test’ along with the a99 to see how it is ‘in hand’. The problem I have in using select R glass on another DSLR is possibly making changes to the mount. Too, having fine control over depth of field, and being able to manage and check with an EVF as the Sony’s have is the first ‘order of business’.

        I have been spoiled by the ergonomics of the SL series and R8/9 bodies -as much as I’ve used the M’s, they are for me an ergonomic disappointment -except for the M5 layout, which is the best of the M bodies by far. I have the distinct feeling or ‘intuition’ that if R glass is usable with M and a adapter and live view/EVF, the handling of the M may still be a let-down. Frankly, Leica’s casual attitude towards we R users has gotten really stale for me.

        It’s been quite a few years that I put my one ‘short-film’ idea on semi permanent hold. So, if the Sony feels right and R glass is easily useable, sure why not the VG-900? Then I could start using and have fun trying my hand at video as well. Too, some of the Zeiss primes are mighty nice as well.

        • J Shin

          I look forward to hearing your report. You will likely be able to afford either before I can. 🙂

          • Nobody Special

            I’m not so sure about being able to afford one or feel like spending the money – it’s still about what compatibility the new equipment has towards what I own – which is now less than I’ve had before, and has been selected for the visual ‘patina’ they bring. So a new camera body is REALLY tempting and the Nikon D800 is worth a look – but I like the direction Sony seems to be going – we’ll see what Leica has this coming week – but as usual, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Daryl

    Several months ago I remember Leica saying the R lens camera would not be Photokina ready. An M sensor will be optimized (with microlenses) for the steep angle of M lenses, this would not be optimized for slr lenses that have a longer flange distance. Unless technology has advanced I do not think an M camera and R camera will be the same if we are to expect the lenses to perform optimally.

  • Ya, I have been using my Canons with Leica glass for long time, Live View is what makes it workable. Not really an action setup, but is workable. Love that Leica color, it is all in the lens coatings, I tell you. Canon glass just doesn’t have it…


    What’s an R lens? R solution? Why opening old wounds just to put some more salt in them?
    As was said above – a day late and a dollar short.

  • Stephan

    Sounds interesting.
    Could be a possibility to shot macro.
    But how can I syncronize my studio flash system
    while the evf is in the hotshoe? …..

  • Mr.Chips

    This will be an interesting Photokina not just from a product standpoint, but from a marketing standpoint. It seems that Hasselblad (and its new venture captal owners) are very interested in moving into a non-medium format camera to build a broader base with a digital version of its X-Pan camera

    Pricing is rumored to be “in the Leica range.” With their strong Fuji partnership, they could build off the X-1 Pro platform/technology. That would be a shot across Leica’s bow. Leica has had the luxury end ($6,000-plus digital body) of the market pretty much itself. 100% sure that Leica knows of Hasselblad’s moves, so they may have something special up their sleeve this year as well. Let’s hope so.

    Would love to see Hasselblad move onto Lecia’s high-end turf — would make two great companies even better and drive innovation.

    • Yes, very interesting indeed. There were some rumors about a new Hasselblad digital X-Pan camera:

    • Hakan

      Yes, as much as I wish to see Hasselblad in the non-medium format market, all Leica needs to do is to introduce a half price successor to M9 as well as a Live View 8k model. Then what will Fuji and Hasselblad do when Leica customers get more choices? Drop the prices even before they start selling one camera? They’ll be squeezed in the narrowing gap between Sony RX1 and Leica’s new models, something they wouldn’t wish on themselves. Let’s wait and see..

  • R!

    Sounds good to me if the next Leica specs includde liveview,fhd moovie,920 000 p screen and somekind of fuji x pro 1 viewfinder!!… and contacts on the adaptator to talk with the R8 R9 lenses !!! ….AND SOME POWER ZOOM LIKE LUMIX TO FILM WITH IT AND CONTRAST AF!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NON LIKIN MIRRORLESS KODAK SENSOR BUYER SNOB GERMAN!!!!!!!!

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