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  • Wolfgang

    Roland Wolff´s statement “The idea had been out for a while … But it has been something that we have been discussing and thinking about for a while.” is in sharp contrast to the story told by Jeff Coutier. I´wouldn´t trust this story without additional details. If the Monochrome was used in some “major research laboratory” I´m sure Leica would use this fact for marketing purposes.

  • leica is a joke

    and the book? well if that would be on some nice museum paper, 4x as big and not offset print like it is, maybe. But i guess there are some wiseguys who will buy it. leica knows their followers.

    • J Shin

      But, Harold, it’s only two days before Photokina! Excitement! Anticipation! 🙂

      Even if we’re not going to buy anything announced there, and even though the stockpiles of Kodak slide films have run out, it’s still a good time to be a photographer. Smile! 🙂

      • it is almost 2013, nobody going to fairs or read paper except few silly kids and flyer collectors.
        Nowadays you get it to your news ticker days in advance and for free.

        • J Shin


          Oh, darn. I was saving up to go to Köln some day. Collect brochures. Take photos of prototypes. Rough-handle Hasselblads. Perhaps I will settle for Düsseldorf instead. München is such a cliché. Frankfurt doubly so, and they don’t even have an umlaut.

          Or I could just use that money to get a IIIg to replace the Demi S that has been sitting on my office shelf gathering dust… although it seems to be actually more dust-resistant than most of the other things it is sitting with. Perhaps if they made the M10 sensors with the same stuff…

          Where was I? Uhhh… Oh. Right. Excitement. Tickers. Right. If I’m staying home, I’m glad we have this site, then. Saves me from jet-lag, but not from staying up late at night repeatedly refreshing the page. Hertzlichen Dank.

          • you are welcome.
            there are about 20000 websites doing real time reports from photokina.

            And Hassy can you rent and actually shoot it instead of fighting with teenagers to at least lay a hand on it for less then trip to Germany

    • Wolfgang

      Why are you visiting a Leica rumors site if you believe Leica is a joke?

      • Harold your website is setting off my phishing filter warnings . . .

        • then switch them off

        • Hover your pointer over the link and most browsers will tell you what it is… it’s not that difficult.

          Don’t click on anything and everything on a webpage…

      • you know i am like a missionary.
        they were asking the same question to our grand grand fathers

        why you are going to africa, full of sickness and weird people and spread god’s word?

        for a better world you know. One day, when people will be smart, apple will cost less then HTC and leica facing bankrupt will focus on photographers again, i can say to my kids: i have been part of that change. Small, but, i did not sit on my butt waiting.

        • Wolfgang


  • Camaman

    For that price I hope that boom contains a recipe for cure for cancer all documented with 50mm Noctilux…

    Theh should be embaressed for pricing it so much in this day and enviroment…

    • Yes Leica should be embarrassed to price their items so high even though there is no shortage of demand at the current prices. How dare they price something according to supply and demand, just because they are the pickiest when it comes to glass quality and take their time hand making each lens! We should also boycott diamonds since DeBeers is most definitely inflating the prices by controlling supply, and not use gasoline because OPEC continues to inflate energy prices when there is no wage inflation anywhere in the world. And then there are those crazy Italians who build Ferraris, designers who make tourbillon watches and demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars, what is wrong with those people? 😉

  • Pete

    Ah, the always dependable leica haters. leicahate.com is available. You guys should get it, start a website and go nuts. And not just whiny pissy comments. Put in some videos of hammers smashing leica camera’s and lenses. Think of the satisfaction you’ll get from it. You might even get it out of your system once and for all.

    • i was thinking about it also, but i figured that our target group, the leica fanatics, would not visit such website so it would be meaningless.

      • duke

        I had to laugh at Harolds comment.

  • Camaman

    No over expensive quality stiff should definitely exist, how would we benchmark our regular goods and dream of something better.

    The thing that bothered me into posting my moment me is the fact that this is a book.
    Nothing special about a printed piece of paper. that can be reprinted any time you feel like it.

    Kinda’ like Central banks and money actually…

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