Leica M9 and M9-P gift card promotions extended through January 31, 2013

Leica Camera has extended the gift card promotion for M9 and M9-P cameras till January 31, 2013. For the next two months you will be able to purchase a Leica M9 for $6,495 and Leica M9-P for $6,995 (same price as the new M). Some resellers on Amazon have the M9 listed for around $6,300. Used M9 cameras can be found for as low as $4,400. The price of new M-E model remains unchanged at $5,450.

B&H now has the new Leica M listed as available on February 28, 2013:

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  • Nobody Special

    What??? Is Leica having a difficult time clearing out standing inventory??? Maybe they could put up ‘sale’ signs in the ’boutique Leica store’ windows???

    • somebody normal

      never agreed with the leica pricing. It’s way over the top but the quality is undeniable. i rather continue shooting my film m.

  • scott

    Wow…. Leica’s amazing marketing at work again.

    Leica M9 = M-E + frame selector + $1000.
    Leica M = Leica M9P – sapphire glass + much faster electronics + movies, etc, etc etc

    How many of the remaining M9 and M9P will be sold now? At least drop the M9 to within a hundred or two of the M-E, and the M9P to the $6000 – $6500 price point. As things stand, there’s no incentives for people to buy the M9 ad M9P anyway.

  • Andrew

    M9s now selling new for $5,950 in Oz and one today for $5,750!!!! Look out for that price drop come the new M!!!

  • LeicaMPunk

    Leica is overpriced, as we all know. Go get a Sony RX100 (or an RX1 – gasp) and donate the remaining funds to a worthy charity. No one other than the top 1 Percenters will ever know the difference. And… if you’re among the top 1, well, just shoot yourself now and save the rest of us some air.

    • RX100? Please… Leica Ms are overrated but if you can’t tell the difference between what a RX100 can do and what a Leica M can do, there’s a lot of learning that needs to be done on your part before saying anything.

      • passerby

        i think the one that has a long way to go on the learning curve is you. Are you a magnum photographer? What’s with these uncalled for comments, your ego is probably bursting, get out and shoot some photos gearhead.

  • Bryan Campbell

    The Leica M is nothing like a Leica M9P. CMOS instead of CCD, much higher and cleaner ISO, 6 more megapxiels, LED frame lines, LiveView, EVF option, larger screen, higher resolution screen, much faster processor, can use R lenses, more quiet shutter, and option for recording movies.

    Sharper files? Same Leica look? No one knows right now, but the Leica M is not simlar to the M9P at all except for the body itself.

    • Let’s hope that it doesn’t have the M9 “look” because it was terrible 🙂

      • passerby

        I have seen so many great shots taken with the m9, to call it terrible tells us 2 things. One you are a jealous leica hating guy who can’t afford a M or second you are a bad photographer. Plus you aren’t much of a photographer either just a gearhead lurking online. And no I don’t own a M either.

  • harry laksana

    problem with the sensor….like my M9. to replaced the sensor need usd5000.OMG

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