HRR Manufaktur offers new custom surfaces for Leica M cameras


Polished Ruthenium

Last year I had a post on the custom Leica M9 made from Ruthenium by HRR Manufaktur in Germany. The company now offers several other custom surfaces for Leica M cameras: antique silver, Rhodium (polished or matt) and Ruthenium (polished or matt). The price for the Ruthenium and antique silver surface is 3,500 EUR. The Rhodium surface is cheaper (2,000 EUR) because there is no gold surface underneath:


Rhodium plate

Antique silver plate

Antique silver plate

The new Leica M can also be customized with any of the above options. This spring the company will start selling also soft releases with their exclusive surfaces, priced around 50 EUR. Please note that HRR Manufaktur does not sell the cameras, they just add the custom finish on your own camera (or any other object).

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  • me

    Rhodium plate. WANT!

  • DarkSchneider

    Radium plate ? :p
    Sponsorized by Pierre and Marie Curie ? :p

  • Guest

    Meh… U-234, please.

  • 103david

    So let me understand this…we have finishes named after Rhoda and then we have finishes named after someone named Ruth…right? What’s next? A finish named after Donna? Would that be called Donnarea?

  • Fernando Arias


  • peter drijver

    an extremely interesting debate at the very moment that fuji presents its updated Fujifilm 100X s. Leica could have been surpassed by more capable and more affordable photographers gear.

    • Lich

      They had already been surpassed, 50 years ago.

  • Right

    Last night I dreamed that my M9 fell down and broke… woke up really pissed. I really love my camera. Love it.

    However, I would never use the above… who the heck would do that?? Paris Hilton?

  • Sahaja

    Will adding a 3,500 EUR finish somehow improve photographs taken with the camera?

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