Leica M-Monochrom Soul (video)

This commercial video was created in Brazil by FNazca / Saatchi & Saatchi for the launch of the M-Monochrom camera in the Leica Store in São Paulo. Please watch in HD/full screen.

Update: the original video on Vimeo was removed and I uploaded another version from YouTube.

Update #2: Leica Camera AG confirmed to me that this is not an official Leica video - it was produced by the Leica Store in São Paulo and it does not represent Leica's identity.

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  • Emerson

    Brasil !!!!! o/

  • Kaufman

    Wasn’t Capa carrying a Nikon SP the day he died?

    • 103david


    • 103David

      Like most of the commentary (but not all) on this subject it would be wise to do a little basic fact checking before pontificating on photography in general, and photojournalism in particular.
      –It would have been difficult for Capa to be carrying a Nikon SP as they were not introduced until 1957. More likely he was carrying a Contax IIa and/or a Nikon S and/or a Rolleiflex. It would be easy enough to check by referring to the negatives he shot that day…a Rollieflex uses 120 film capturing a 6 x 6 negative, a Contax of any vintage captures a 24mm x 36mm image on film…a Nikon S captures a 24mm x 34 mm negative. Didn’t know the did you?
      –As to photojournalism, you’re right. Capa was never known to carry a Leica past 1940 or so and trying to capitalize on that single non-event is obnoxious, not to mention the video was not very well done. But try to remember that Capa wasn’t the only one to die as a photojournalist in indochina. Look up Larry Burroughs or Dickey Chapelle.
      And they both did, in fact, carry Leicas.

      • Hank Carter

        >a Nikon S captures a 24mm x 34 mm negative – WRONG. Only the original Nikon 1 used this non-standard size and it was changed very quickly to the standard 24×36. Nikon was unable to obtain an export license to the US, because the Nikon 1 featured a non-standard negative size. Didn’t know that did you? Capa was the FIRST, but certainly not the LAST PJ to be killed in Vietnam. A total of 135 photo journalists were killed during the conflict

        • 103David

          Gee, Hank, I think perhaps your response perfectly illustrates the difference between book learning and hands-on real-life experience…although apparently even your book learning ain’t that good either.

          I can’t claim to have walked with Capa on that day as I wasn’t able to meet the Marine Corps minimum height requirement…what with being 6 years old at the time. But I did walk that walk in 1969, with the Marines and a brace of cameras documenting the party. While too many years have passed to be able to say I still have that particular Leica, I do still have my M2R that I suspect I may have stolen from the Marine Corps about then. (Please don’t weary any of us with flawed “research” about BuOrd numbers or KE7* whatevers. Lots or things came to us from lots of different sources and the Model 60 in stainless I also carried was decidedly not standard military issue and remains a story for another day.)

          So, Hank, you might want to improve your product knowledge a bit by reading up on early Nikon rangefiners. I’m sure you’ll find the parts about the 24mm x 32mm format on the the initial offerings, plus the slightly later 24mm x 34mm format on the later “S” model interesting. By the way, the user didn’t get any more shots on a roll.

          But since you are particularly interested in that model “S” I mentioned, I got up from the laptop, walked over to that model “S” that I actually own and in a hands-on, real-life kind of way actually measured the film gate on the real-life Nikon “S.”

          Guess what? 24mm x 34mm.

          • Hank Carter

            I rechecked and you are correct. It wasn’t until the S2 that Nikon went from 24×34 to 24×36. I was under the impression that they changed after the 1 to get the export license.

          • fjfjjj

            103David might be correct, but he’s obviously a complete asshole.

  • liPpi

    Too bad Robert Capa didn’t have a soul that reincarnated … a bit too impiously for my taste. Don’t mix making money with the great efforts of this photographer. Leica was just a tool for him.

  • Hank Carter

    Too bad Capa stopped shooting with a Leica sometime during the Spanish Civil War in tehs econd half of the 1930’s.

    He mostly shot Contax during and after the war, until he got in to Nikon, when on assignment in Japan, in the 1950’s.

    Capa was carrying a Nikon rangefinder, when he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam, becoming the first PJ casualty of the conflict.

  • Barton

    jeez….. enough already.

  • Ernst Leitz

    Disgusting ad. Using war to sell a camera … Really disgusting.


  • Costa

    Disgusting and childish. Perhaps the dreams of a male high school student. Don’t bother watching.

  • Pick and Dig

    I guess I won’t buy the Monochrome, now that I have seen such a disgusting video. People might think I was mentally challenged when they see me with the warriors’s camera.

  • Adam B

    bad idea. misguided, and pretentious.

  • john

    I find this add to be great. It’s well made and give a good idea about how you feel when you have a Leica around your neck. You feel this brand has a past, it has a history, and this is passionating.

  • Sam

    Dopey, Inaccurate, Saatchi

  • Markus Busch

    Disgusting indeed. Can’t believe Leica produces such crap.

  • artk

    so the camera was the only woman he truly loved? interesting… and she went to heaven too, how nice.

    • Daniel

      I believe Capa did love only Gerda Taro… not a camera. Gerda and him worked as photojournalists during the Spanish Civil war, where Gerda was killed on July 27, 1937. They both used either a Rolleiflex or a Leica III, but Gerda used mainly the Rolleiflex, although there is a well-known picture of her with a Leica III.

  • idiotic commercial, no matter what camera he was carrying. well made though.

  • Sofus Comer

    Really bad and so out of line. This brings me to think, that Leica is profiteering on war, by making war seem like a way to get laid, and get playmates. Even to the point of dying. Lost any respect for Leica after this.

  • Disgusting Tripe

    Here is a link for anyone who missed it like I did – http://uk.adforum.com/creative-work/ad/latest/34482195

    — it is absolute rubbish. A cheap piece of crap that all it has missing is a porno scene. Where on earth do these people come from? where do they get off selling a product on the life and death of millions of people and from war?

  • Francesco

    Awful ad.

  • pl capeli

    is it private viewing only now ?….lol…. wow can you say damage control ?

    , war is very profitable….its capitalisms No 1 product and very well marketed by sellout cinamatic talents.
    and who knows war like german companies of the past 90 + years?
    leica does not have my respect ever , it has been an elitist marketed
    toy for the past 40 years ….and war and death to those who would Challenge any fascist hegemony be it german circa 1943 or usa [hoorah!!!!!] in 2012

    as was said well above in a single word …..discusting

  • pl capeli

    to add , i had to search out this to see if the opinion was justified ….i was able to view it here after searching the internet for several minutes…i cannot believe what i just saw…. truely a eye flutter to the foolish children who lust for videogame combat , but have not a clue of humans reality or sad condition…. retched
    here itis


    it is beyond vulgarity , leica keeps the spirit of militarism and fascism alive very well apparently ..message to leica;…. every camera may have a soul , but you, apparently do not…. excuse me while i go throw up

  • Jerry S

    So, Admin, are you going to provide a way to watch the video or plan to remove the thread?

  • One More Thought

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am not offended by this ad; I think it’s rather clever. I am used to both art and ads being provocative.

    I don’t believe the ad glorifies war; it only seeks to make the point about the Leica mystique; the fact that many great photogs in the past have used Leica.

    If this is trying to profit from war, then so is every film maker who makes a film or TV show about war.

    That being said, I can understand why many are offended, and given the reaction, this ad should probably be pulled.

  • JJ with LEICA

    I just wanted to underline that this surprised us and has not been approved by Leica. That´s the reason why we asked the Sao Paulo store to bring the original videos online. We agree 100% with our comment and would rather see this disappear from the web as this is not inline with our identity at all.
    ^JJ with Leica

  • www.41mm.wordpress.com

    Tis is not a commercial, this is reality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Udn8H8ZIU

  • Well as a soldier and a photographer I dont have an issue with this ad. I lost count of how many times I choose to carry my camera instead of my rifle (still had a pistol). Had something happened to me I would have been taking pictures right to the end and I would have wanted my son to get my camera.

    War sucks. My camera made it suck less.

  • DaveG

    Capa rarely used Leica’s, he mostly used Contax & later Nikon cameras, shame on you Leica, trying to take hold of a legacy of Robert Capa.

  • Matt

    This messages about it being disgusting are truly hilarious. People are so quick to be judgmental. Like it or hate it stop judging. It’s about a war photographer. It’s awful because of its poor production and story, but not the idea of a war-photographer. Humans are at war because of little snipey stupid comments like this…


    The fact that the majority of people find this commercial offensive means that the creators are doing something right. I know most people don’t know this but advertising is a form of art when done correctly. The goal of it is to make you feel anything but indifference which this spot does so well. I will point that the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines spend MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on advertising a stylized version of military service to young, poor and impressionable children. They spend double during times of war when these kids become nothing more then a modern version of cannon fodder. Is that ok?

    The truth is we romanticize war in countless ways, all of which usually involve someone making money off it. Band of Brothers? Money. Saving Private Ryan? Money. Thin Red Line? Money (not a lot though). Zero Dark Thirty? MONEY!

    Just because these 2 hour films do not have a tagline at the end makes them any different? They are pieces of art, as is this commercial. The only difference is the time you spend watching.

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