Leica M9-P Hermes limited edition kit stolen in Graz, Austria

M9-P Hermes Front 7

Last week a brand new Leica M9-P Hermes limited edition camera (serial# 4337374) and the matching Summilux 1,4/50mm ASPH lens (serial# 4142861) were stolen from the Leica Store in Graz, Austria. The number of this special edition is #219 from a total of 300 pieces and the original listing price was $25,000. The thief(s) left the original cartridge, gloves, box and the accessories in the store. If you see a suspicious listing anywhere online, please contact the store directly.

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  • 103David

    Yes gods, who would want it? I predict the theves will ultimately offer to pay the original owners a significant sum to be merely allowed to return this piece of sh…
    ….sorry…fine example of photographicallality uselessnessosity to its rightful and deserving ownertudeosity.
    And good luck with this…be sure you write us when you get work.
    Love & kisses, yr fend, David

    • Les


      I’ve seen absolutely gorgeous images done with M9s. You must be an incredible virtuoso if that camera isn’t good enough for you. Sort of like Glenn Gould who could only play one piano. No other piano was good enough for him.
      Any link to your work online (or in galleries)? I’m intrigued and ready to be amazed.

      • Bollox

        Really? I could not take many of my photos with an M9. You see, I rarely focus in the centre. I even use bursts sometimes, and live view (oooohhh what is that?).

        • Bad

          There is also the problem of close focus, not to mention macro; but I am talking photography, Les is talking toys.

          • Docphoto

            And there are also people that couldnt give much less of a shit about macro and live view… And before you start hati g: yes, i do own both (5DmII and an M6 that is!)… Canon is fine for work (i own some money next to my studies!) but i havent touched it for personal stuff since i got my beloved M6… And guess what… I am going to buy an M9P soon too… and i ll even switch off playback… Why? Cause it makes me shoot differently! In a way i like to shoot…
            So why dont you go ahead, pull your ego out that is stuck waaaaay up your ass and start accepting that a Leica is a tool that isn’t for everyones needs! Some people dont want all that stuff and just want to take pictures! The leica is perfect for that! So in case you never touched a leica (and i m pretty sure you didnt cause most people that flame on leica in the web have not!) i suggest you give it a try… If it doesnt work for you… Well screw it, then you are a different kind of photographer! But guess what: for some people it works better than a dslr! I am sick and tired off all those narrow minded fools that believe they know better than everyone else how to use a camera ‘properly’ (the way they do that is!)….
            Final question: why are there so many ignorant idiots on the internet?

          • DocphotoSuxDix

            You really have too much time on your hands, use it to learn photography – and life.

          • dicksuckingDocphoto

            teach me, oh great master… teach me how to be a great photographer like you…

            whait… what? you re just a troll on the internet, that has no clue about photography you say? oh no!! and who is now going to teach me how to live my life?

            i definitely have too much time left on my hands… i study medicine, work as a photographer, sing in a band, have a girlfriend… there is so much time left in my life i really dont have a single clue what to do with it…

            btw.. where can i see your photography? i d love to see some of your photos of flowers and sunsets, taken with a 1100D in auto mode! <3

          • dear med student

            If you ever do pass med school, I hope I’d never have the misfortunate of having you as my doctor…

        • Ted

          Yes…I see who you are. This kind of moron who born at an age of full automatic cars and can’t give a shit of driving with a stick. Same same.
          You know it’s not like we need Liveview to make pictures (I shoot film) and it’s not odd not to have Liveview.
          Regarding “I rarely focus in the centre”, it was a bit funny though and shows that you do not know what you are talking about.

          • Bollox

            You see who I am? You don’t understand “focussing out of the centre”? You can actually type?

          • Ted

            How mister clever maybe you can talk to me in spanish, german, french or korean I suppose ? Show me how you can actually “type”
            I shouldn’t be surprised by the response of a moron anyway…

      • 103david

        Hey, Les, can it be that you’re under the impression that the object at hand is intended to be actually used? To actually make photographs?
        Grow up. The only thing this M9 is ever going to make is investment income for somebody or perhaps a tidy insurance settlement. As to the regular garden variety M9, you’re right, it’s a lovely piece of work…but you’ll rarely see one engaging in the production of the photojournalism or social documentation that made the Leica reputation. Lets face it, while never cheap, a Leica now is so expensive, most owners are afraid to take them out of the house, much less into harm’s way.
        And by the way, your reference to Glenn Gould seems to imply he was some sort of spoiled dilettante because he wanted to use his own piano. Aside from your pretty appalling lurch in logic to apply Glenn Gould to a photo site, I think you’re referring to the Steinway he had personally modified to accommodate his highly advanced and sophisticated fingering technique. He had a custom made chair, too because the technique required he almost rest his chin on the keyboard. The man was personally often obnoxious, but also a true multifaceted genius.
        So Les, next time you’re doing the fanboy thing, how about you bone up on your background a bit first?

  • Andy

    It wasnt me: I would have stolen far more tasteful……

  • Jei

    It’s quite beautiful.

  • regular

    I have seen a Hermes kit in a Leica Store, box opened and each part carefully presented. And it looks nice.

    Not my cup of tea, I prefer black paint, but still.

  • docphoto

    So that means someone’s running around with a 25000$ M9P special edition in my hometown… *grabs jacket and runs to the street to search for that guy’

    • 103David

      I don’t know for sure but I’d start looking for Ted. He seemed to have some pretty advanced knowledge of larceny and the best way to steel stuff.

    • YouAreSad

      …and get a good beating. That would be fun.

      • docphoto

        yea.. getting a beating sounds awesome… you know what you could also try? getting a sense of humor! that stuff is pretty damn cool too!

  • Me

    Sad. What’s wrong with people? I hope it can be returned to it’s owner.

  • adorable_prick

    You would think people who can buy a $25,000 camera can afford to pay a $25/month home security system. Sheesh.


    it takes same picture as any other chip camera. toy for rich

  • Ted

    I think it’s a bit stupid to steel such item. I mean…it can be noticed SO easily.

    If you want to be discreet you steel a normal car…not one that everybody will want to look at.

  • Scott M.

    It comes with ….gloves? Hermes gloves included?

    • Wael1

      Right?! 🙂

  • Ram Ram

    so if someone came to me and offered me to buy one of these stolen cameras … for lets say like $5000 ? I mean its a great catch .. but what happen later on ? I

  • tornado

    For sale :
    M9P Hermes… No box, no paper…
    Friendly price : $ 500

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