Invitation from Leica Camera Asia reveals portion of the new Mini M camera

Leica X Vario Type 107
Leica X Vario Type 107 camera

The above banner was part of the invitation sent by Leica Camera Asia Pacific for the upcoming presentation of the new "Mini M" camera. The controls are identical to the previously leaked image:


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  • ZeissLeitz

    F…k! The crappy thing is really real!… It’s always the same photo! WTF? Sony Rx2 with Olympus 5 axis IS where art thou?

  • Am I wrong or is that the exact same photo, just cropped/dodged differently?
    Same lighting, angle, highlights – same everything!

    Makes the earlier leak believable.

    …and the camera more disappointing.

  • shakyshot

    I couldn’t buy it!
    IMO. all the pictures supposed to be “mini-zoom X100s”…with Leica tag on it.

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