First sample images from the Leica X Vario Type 107 camera are out


Leica published the last teaser for the X Vario Type 107 camera. The camera appears to be identical to the previously leaked images. Today Jonathan Slack posted the first sample images taken with the new camera (only JPG for now, you can download the full resolution images).

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  • Bryan Campbell

    Decent photos considering that they are in camera JPG in very contrasty light. Having said that, there is no way there is full frame or 1.33x crop, so it looks like the original rumor / leak was correct.

  • ihur

    Given the rumored closest focus distance of 30cm, the depth of field seems too narrow with the rumored lens spec.

    Might be a faster lens. f2.8?

  • m pratt

    I was really hoping there would have been a viewfinder on this camera. No reason not to include one. Well, I guess there is, so they can sell a truckload of optional viewfinders.

    • MJr

      You can buy one from Olympus. And i’m not even kidding.

    • alpha

      I’m not sure they will sell a whole lot of this crap.

  • dannybuoy

    Not too shabby really. Fairly decent output. And so it should be for that kind of money. Looking forward to seeing some results with a Nocti attached 🙂

    • Andy


    • bananacam

      Honestly, you should have a look at similar cameras from the usual suspects. You’d be amazed if this was enough to get your hopes up.
      BTW, the lens on this camera doesnt come off that easily, so a “Nocti” would be a no-go. 😉

      • dannybuoy

        * sarcasm

  • bvh

    Downloaded the samples. None have anything in the frame that is truly sharp. It’s close, but everything is slightly fuzzy. Not sure why.

    • kt

      It really seems like it’s just a super soft lens. Until we get samples in better light it will be hard to tell for sure. But for the speed of the lens one would hope it would at least be sharp.

      • wildspin

        What are you talking about? … broad day light is not good light? 😉

        • nokton

          Yeah, show me better light than this 🙂

          • JoeCM

            Maybe the photos will be sharper if the sun goes supernova.

  • alan

    The lens does not look identical to the previous leak. This looks like a collapsible lens that is as flat as a pancake when collapsed. The leak looks like an interchangeable lens zoom.

    • It’s just the perspective – the camera is shown from the front, it’s the same lens.

      • Hmfff

        I have to agree that this does not look like the same lens. Perspective cannot make such a difference imho.

  • see4eye

    The front element of the lens seems huge compared to the front element of my brand new X2.
    Maybe we are staring at an APS-C version of the legendary noctilux attached on a slightly larger X2 body?

  • Mardock

    Why is it that whenever Leica allows out sample images these days, they’re underwhelming snapshots that could have been shot with a cheap P&S?

    I guess when you’re a “coveted luxury brand” you can get away with over promising and under delivering.

    • bananacam

      Because they’re intended to be judged from a purely technical point of view? You can contribute the artsy part yourself with the camera.
      These samples provided all the information I needed. The colors look harsh, even on the tulip sample. The green is oversaturated. This is surprising for a camera marketed and priced as the mini-M.

    • ge no typewriter

      Where there is improvement to be had there is oppurtunity. Why not contact Leica and suggest yourself for the next sample image photographer.

  • scott

    Pretty decent output, but then nothing that can’t be accomplished with the X2 either. I feel cheated having to pay 50% more for a slower lens, only for the benefits of a slightly larger sensor and a zoom lens.

    • Larger sensor? The X Vario will have the same sensor as the X2.

  • Hans

    Checked the exif of the sample images, with a online exif-viewer. And although the exif does not show the used F number. It does show a Max Aperture Value of 1.0 !!!!!

    • Starsailor

      And the EXIF-info also reveals a CCD-sensor – so it’s a different sensor from the X2. Interesting!

    • MJr

      Yeah that’s what most cameras do when they’re not getting any information. It’s a computer with a lens you know, they have to teach it things. That’s what preproduction is for.

  • Bryan Campbell

    If it’s really a CCD camera this could be interesting… I think the EXIF data was probably modified by Jono or its just junk or place holder data. The reason I say this is the simple fact that Leica is more likely to reuse the M9 or M8 sensor yet this is a 1.6x crop camera for the looks of it. Additionally, while CCD technology has made some advancements, the specs posted early in the week claim ISO 12,500… That’s probably impossible for color and CCD at it’s current state. Remember ISO 10,000 is possible on the Monochrom only because it’s black & white.

    Maybe Leica has acquired a CCD made out of graphine capable of ISO 2 million. Haha

    • TW528

      Both this and the X2 use a 16.5 mp APS-C sized sensor. Could they be the same?

  • Arnulf

    Well, the images look good. Still disappointed about the slow lens and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be considering buying it anyway, but results are results and if the images really are as good as these ones suggest, it might be a decent camera after all. Not quite sure who the hell would buy it, apart from a few rich business people,but…..

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Three things:
    First, if the images are correct, this lens is not collapsible. The teaser image falsely gives this impression because they show a head-on shot at an angle in a fake narrow ‘box’. If the leaked product shot is real, I don’t see how this is a collapsible lens.

    Two: if the leaked product shot is accurate, it appears that there is no filter thread at all on the lens and I don’t see a way to attach a ‘tube’ either?

    Three: again, if the leaked product image is correct; the lens seems to have a zoom ring and focus ring. Does this imply manual zoom rather than ‘toggle switch’ zoom -or both? And it seems to have a focus ring too. Is this a real focus ring, focus-by-wire or a true dampened manual focus override option?

  • Iain Parker

    I am still not entirely convinced, that the leaked images of the camera are the real thing. The images from the company are deliberately not showing the full front of the lens, a little surprise might still be in order. Let us not forget that even if this is a new type of camera it is only going to be Mk 1, a new version will surely follow on in a couple of years.

    To introduce a brand new product is always a bit hit and miss and Leica do need to make sales to cover the cost of the new factory etc … To own a Leica has always been an aspiration for a lot of photographers, if you are unhappy with the direction they are taking with this design, don’t forget there is still the a la carte service if you do want something truly original. No one else offers that service [Talking film M].

  • cebbe

    Leica will kill itself

  • Clarke Mackinnon

    I first heard the of the X-Vario name about 3 months ago when i was given my set of questions for the Leica Blog. I didn’t know what the person was on about but i knew there was a new camera coming. But i think this camera is a stupid idea. Especially if the specs aren’t that superior to the X2 and it has a fixed lens with a slower aperture. Everyone was hoping for a large sensor interchangeable lens camera to take on Sony. Shot themselves in the foot if you ask me

  • nokton

    Saw the sample pix. I hope the Type 108 gets it right – this is a straight bummer. And what is this obsessions with “type XXX” anyways – Leica may want to seriously look for a new head of product development and marketing 🙁

  • intergalactic_turkey

    Avarage IQ. Nothing exciting about. Next one!

  • Mata

    It’s no RX1.

  • i like it. i will buy a Leica X Vario Type 107 camera. But How much it ?

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