Joel Meyerowitz – My life with Leica (take three)

Third and final part of the interview that Leica Akademie Italy has made with Joel Meyerowitz in Milan. The american master talks about the Leica S medium format camera, and how this camera is capable of delivering an image quality that he was formerly able to achieve only with his beloved 8x10" Deardorff.

Here are the part 1 and part 2 videos in case you have missed them:

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  • Heiko Bertram

    Joel Meyerowitz: a great photographer but also a great marketeer. No doubt that the S2 is a great camera but I always believed his large 8″x10″ camera was used to slow him down while his Leica M was used to capture the speed of live.

  • AaronL

    How can this be viewed as anything other than a sales pitch for Leica cameras, Meyerowitz sounds as genuine as a used car sales man.


    • Tobias W.

      Yes, I agree. It’s sad. But even the great Meyerowitz probably has bills to pay.

    • Neopulse

      Wouldn’t call it too much of a sales pitch since he actually was looking for an equivalent for his 8×10 camera. He found that one in particular great, which I agree it is awesome. But he could’ve had any other camera like Hasselblad or Mamiya for high resolution, but he chose that one for that particular reason. Chances are he went through quite a few bodies then chose the S2 for he needed it for.

  • roy james shakespeare

    I have to say .. After many years of shooting 10×8 transparency commercially and Polaroid also. With a Gandolfi Camera and importantly Schneider glass. when The M9 came came along I sold everything. to purchase this along with the 50mm .95 and the 35mm 1.4. As the feel that these hand made wonders has, is very similar to that of the 10×8. I also sold my Hasselblad, lens and Pentax 6×7 with the magical 105mm 2.4 lens. This camera and lens combination was very very special.

    Years ago I had an opportunity to purchase the M7 for a particular job .. LOL .. but opted for the Contax G2 instead with 4 T Star lens. At the time it made sense. I could hold a drink in one hand and take pictures with the other .. I sold this also .. for a tidy sum .. mmmm.. but i should have kept the rather cool silver case ..

    Now i have a little silver M 240 and I don’t drink so much ..It has many many faults.. so do i .. too many to list ..but the quality is phenomenal. Having also blown images up to the size of a bus’s. Side by side next to the 10×8 there is no comparison. This little diamond fits in a Prada hand bag and every one thinks it is a film camera. so cute .. I think Leics could give me a job .. thank you very much .. Love to you all .. What ever it is you create images with .. even a pinhole camera ..enjoy ..

  • theo

    must have money troubles like the rest of the photographers out there

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