Leica M Monochrom “Ralph Gibson” limited edition camera listed on eBay for $46k

A new Leica M Monochrom “Ralph Gibson” limited edition camera is currently listed on eBay for $45,999. The camera was originally priced at 21,000 Euros (around $28,000) and it was instantly sold out. A total of 35 units were produced. Here are few additional images:


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  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    For those saying that a camera is not an investment.. 🙂 (no, I could not afford it even at the original price, but I’m saving for the “standard” MM)

    Admin, any news at all about the new camera from Leica?

    • I do nt have any news at that point. I think most of the new models will be announced at Photokina.

  • dannybuoy

    It’s hilarious that it can sell for that price with that sceen on the back. I forgot it had the old style LCD. Oh but of course, the person who buys that camera won’t use the screen. They won’t even use the shutter release 🙂

    • Mikko Moilanen

      I lol’d.

    • Clint

      LOL…good one…I actually laughed.
      Funny thing is Leica could produce another ‘Limited Edition’ Monochrome with no screen at all and people would probably pay twice as much! Leica guys are a funny bunch:)

  • Ralph who?

    Does anyone know who Ralph Gibson is and why his camera is so expensive?

    • Les

      Ralph Gibson is one of the top art photographers of the past 50 years. Say what you will about his style (and he wouldn’t be an important photographer if he wasn’t controversial), his influence can certainly be seen in generations of later (lesser?) photographers.

      He is also one of the first to use the 35mm Leica format for fine art B&W photography.

      The camera is expensive because they only made 35. I’m sure that Ralph got one or two, which leaves very few to split among hundreds of serious Leica collectors. In other words, supply is extremely tight, and demand is high.

      • regular

        I am happy to read that Gibson is expected to be controversial.
        I bought the “Raph Gibson” issue of LFI for a mere 6.50 euros, and I already felt cheated of my money.

        Pointless boring photos, where every details that may have been captured by the magnificient gray rendition of the Monochrome sensor has been destroyed by crappy post-processing.

  • vulkanitwit

    Hood cap is upside down. I’d offer 10k for the lot, tops.

  • Is it free shipping though? eBay always gets me with shipping.

  • Mark

    I’m not sure which people buy such cameras, wow, it’s simply amazing. This camera is more than I earn in a full year.

    • CHD

      If $46k is more than you make in a year than why are you even reading Leica rumors???

      By the way…I agree with your post:)

      • Mark

        Only because I don’t have the money this doesn’t imply I don’t would love to have such a Leica camera. I guess many more people would buy a Leica when it weren’t for the super high price.

        • MJr

          Yeah i get wanting a MM, but why long for some scribble on top at this crazy premium. For a collector sure, but for a photographer it doesn’t exactly improve experience. Even if i was loaded and looking for something rare i’d rather get one of the true classics from Leica history instead.

        • You don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy Leica. You simply have to start elsewhere. An excellent condition M3 or other film M can be found for under $1000 plus the older Leica lenses can be found for quite reasonable prices, or you could always get a Zeiss or Voigtlander lens to start with. So, a decent kit can run around $1500 if you look hard enough.

          If you really want a digital M, many VGC M8’s can be found for $1400-$2000 (give or take a few $). Again, add a reasonably priced lens and you’re good to go for under 3 grand.

  • David M4

    The person selling it on ebay has made one fatal error: they’ve taken it out of the box and it is now shop-soiled, at least as far as ‘the LEICA Man’ is concerned.

  • David M4

    I wish LEICA would make a decent, usable camera like the Fuji X100s that doesn’t cost $3 trillion. There’s lots of people like me that would love to buy a LEICA but we can’t afford anything about about £1500. If LEICA can’t/won’t, then potential customers like me will go elsewhere. And no, the X Vario or X2 don’t cut it. Look at the Fuji X100s. I hope LEICA read this.

    • MJr

      Why ‘look’ at the X100S, why not actually get that one ?

  • Hill Billy

    Troll listing to drive traffic to their other items/website. Hilarious how many people are still duped by this marketing strategy (yawn)

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