No joke: new Leica C Hello Kitty and Playboy anniversary edition camera


The popular French fashion brand Colette is currently selling a special limited edition Leica C compact camera dedicated to Hello Kitty's 40th and Playboy's 60th anniversaries. Only 10 units will be produced. The price is 920 EUR (or $1,263) which is almost double the price of a "regular" Leica C ($699). Additional images:


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  • Jon

    They should really consider refocussing their energy on updating firmwares rather than releasing new limited edition cameras.

    • Internet Hysteria Rules

      Um, this has nothing to do with Leica. And it’s not a “Leica special
      edition.” This is Colette simply having a handful of regular C bodies
      silk screened with a design they came up with (and clearly approved and
      licensed by both Playboy and Hello Kitty trademark owners.) Now relax and
      go back into your caves.

  • David M4

    Naff. I wish people would stop spoiling cameras by putting silly ‘tattoos’ on them.

    • Charlie

      Oscar Barnack would be so proud.

      • Charlie

        Make that “Oskar.” Been watching too much TMZ…

  • joe

    Sorry but this is Hasselblad Luna League and I wish it would create a shitstorm

  • kenneth

    At least they know there are only 10 people that are stupid enough to buy this camera.

    • Name

      It’s clearly aimed for the little blonde playthings of rich older guys and maybe there are 10.

  • David M4

    I was just thinking these products are not necessarily issued by LEICA directly. Anybody can buy anything from pens to flashlights to cameras and have somebody stamp anything on them – a slogan or a company logo. I would wonder if LEICA would be on board with this particular example. I could be wrong about this, but I suspect they might well have nothing to do with it. Perhaps Hello Kitty bought and disfigured these cameras all by themselves.

    • Mister Ed

      …it’s all Bush’s fault.

  • vulkanitwt

    Ten? OK, ten it is. Sell ’em, and then get back to work on the 24 Summicron.

    • MJr

      Only 24 Summicrons? 😉

      But good point. Also a new 21/2.8 would be nice.

  • I don’t object to special editions. I’m actually much more disturbed by Hello Kitty being depicted as a Playboy Bunny…

  • You Gotmyiphone

    When can we expect Leica’s sanitary napkins with big red dot?

  • Guest

    As a Leica owner, I find it very stupid. Dear Leica, please stop this silliness.

  • CT

    As Leica owner I find this very stupid. Dear Leica, please stop this silliness.

    • Name

      no matter how many times you plead, they won’t stop.

    • Karlo Santinni

      “As Leica owner I find this very stupid…”

      As a Leica owner you’re funding and indirectly supporting this stupidity…

  • Guest

    Won’t we be surprised when this brings $1 million at the Spring 2051 Leica auction held by Leica Rumors.

  • LeicaVirgin

    Are you kidding me?…
    Just make a damn D-Lux 7 already!

  • Ray

    The gentlemen E. Leitz and O. Barnack are surely rotating in their graves.

    • sperdynamite

      They were, but they require a CLA and it’s too expensive at the factory.

  • LX

    I bought one of these. It’s got crossover collectors value for the three brands represented. If there were more units I would have passed this up but there are 10. I own one and 6,999,999,990 people don’t. Who cares if this wasn’t an official Leica special edition, Playboy and Sanrio were on board and that’s enough for me. I see hundreds of people shopping for luxury items everyday and understand this will appeal to more people than you’d think. If I had the money to have a Leica collection I’d wanna hang onto this camera. I see this as a solid investment even if it’s not the most economical camera purchase I’ve made. It’s a solid, slightly overpriced product, a gimmick, but an interesting one. Anyway I’m taking offers. 😉

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