Rumors: Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera to be announced on April 24th

Leica sent out invitations for a "special highlight" event on April 24th. If you are a LeicaRumors reader, this should not be a surprise because few months ago I already reported that the long awaited Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera will be announced in April. The new camera is expected to have an APS-C sensor and will mostly likely be produced in Germany, while some of the lenses could be made in Asia.

A new Leica mirrorless camera positioned between the M and X lines has been rumored for years, but as far as I know it has been postponed numerous times. This is how Leica's CEO Alfred Schopf recently described their compact system camera solution:

"We will have one, definitely. And it will, of course, be quite different to M system. We want to have autofocus with such a system and we may well have an APSC size sensor rather than a bigger one. It will be a German built camera, however I'm not sure we can make all of the lenses made in Germany because we are talking about a different price range to M system so I could imagine that we do some fixed focal length lenses in Germany and maybe with the zooms we will co-operate with a partner"

Stay tuned for additional coverage.

Screenshot via l-camera-forum

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  • Mike

    This will be just another expensive me-too camera:
    No viewfinder, neither optical nor electronic
    too few lenses

    • Heinz Richter

      The camera hasn’t even been announced yet and already you know of all its shortcomings. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

      • Mardock

        Stupid? Hardly.

        One only has to look at Leica’s history of building overpriced, underwhelming cameras. Sure, the mechanicals use top-drawer materials and the optics are superb, but only the latter makes a meaningful difference in one’s pictures.

        The other critical elements to picture-capture in the 21st century – autofocus, sensor performance, system capability – are all massive letdowns, years behind the competition.

        There’s no precedent to assume this camera will be any different.

        How quickly folks forget the “Mini-M” campaign. Total letdown…

  • I jumped on the “let’s hate the x-vario” bandwagon and kind of regretted that as the camera turned out to be quite a decent performer, in spite of its flaws. This time around, I’ll wait to see the final camera before passing judgement. It’s nice to see Leica trying out different things and this camera could open the door for those who want a quality Leica without an M / ME / MM price tag.

  • Don Hogfan

    If they make something in the lines of X-T1/X-E2 with m-mount they might actually have a chance.

    • I assume they will want to leave the FF option open, so reusing the M-mount would make sense. I would want it to have shorter flange distance, for adaptability, but I don’t think Leica is that interested in their customers using other manufacturer’s lenses. Leica is, after all, primarily a lens company, much as Apple is primarily a hardware company.

  • Hans Einar Johannessen

    With the S Leica have made adapters for Hasselblad, Pentax, Mamyia and Contax lenses. With the T they could make adapter for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and so on. And with a series of Leica native lenses this could become a nice camera. And in regard to a EVF, I am certain tha Leica will offer this swell, the have made this available to the M and X so why not to the T ? A Germanbuild camera will not be a dayfly like many Asian cameras, and the craftsmanship in the limited number they can make in Solms would ensure high quality. Looking forward to see the result. I´ll make up my mind after the presentation, I find this wise; wait and see.

    • Mardock

      “Dayfly”? So Asian cameras are like “homeless people,” huh? 😉

      I’ll just assume you lost something in translation there.

    • Neopulse

      They may have made lens adapters for those other makers, but those Leica lenses are too damn perfect. Schneider-Kreuznach is a close 2nd.

  • AMJ

    APS-C ? the market is filled with that. APC-H is a far better choice. Wish companies and people knew the APC-H benefits…

  • flimmerfilm

    I’m curious if they can match the Fuji x100s.

  • Jens Arnspang

    Leica announcement April 24th in Berlin!
    Count me in!

    Regardless the logo on the invitation, I would guess we await a Leica S progression announcement. A new sensor like the one in Leica M (type 240). A B/W sensor like the one in Leica M Monochrom. In either case or any case quite something worthy their 100 years in business.

    With the logo on the invitation, I am in no doubt any more, we face some Leica S-news.. The S-ave date. An ave date, an awesome date, in relation to the S. A date of importance, of impression, a day to save your attention for. No doubt!

    Let us see and hear and feel and use, what Leica has to offer here in their 100th year. If I cannot afford it myself, I’ll look over somebody else’s shoulder:)

    Jens Arnspang
    Leica owner and user since 1969

    • You could be right, maybe this event will be for a new S camera.

      • Jens Arnspang

        The poster tell us, I think!?

  • benji2505

    Should have blacked out the source, admin. Who is Mr. Juergensen?

    • This is the admin of the Leica forum – he posted it online like that.

  • Alaa

    Hmmm… You know, I have some problems with the choice of the date,the venue and the invitation itself for announcing a new camera. The rumored Leica mirror-less has been talked about for years, and when it comes the perfect time and place for it should be Photokina in September. Back in May 2012, the company announced the M-mono and the X2, while the rest of hoe products were announced on the eve of Photokina. If this event is for the mirror less camera, where is the hype on the leica website (remember the X-various)? Lastly, looking at the invitation I see a prominent “S” rather than a “T”, so could the event be a “Leica S” centric one, especially given the recent promotion for that camera ? :-/
    In any case, it’s interesting and fascinating – and I could be dead wrong 😀 !!!

    • I could be wrong too – maybe they will just announce a new X and Monochrom cameras just like in 2012.

    • Jens Arnspang

      An S, my guess as well, see my comment some days ago:) The S is so prominent in the invitation poster, is it not? 🙂

      • hexx

        S would make sense with the new CMOS sensor from Sony, both Hassy and PhaseOne introduced updated backs/cameras with it, Pentax will (rumours still) do the same

  • Rinse

    In this interview ( ) Stefan Daniel says at minute 3:40 after the inteviewer asks him what new things will be at Photokina that the Photokina veil will only be lifted at Photokina, but that he can reveal so much now that there wil be interesting highly exciting new things at the Photokina in APS format, in 35 mm format and in medium format.

    With this interview in mind (but this is my own interpretation) I doubt that there wil be any significant anouncement, like a new camera system before Photokina. Much rather i think they will attempt to lure people into the S system with atractive offers.

    • Rinse

      Apparently the board software automatically includes the video, which starts with the english interview. So click on the link, not on the video, at 3:40 you will hear him say it in german. The first interview in english is slightly different and does mention a little less detail as the german interview.

  • Carlos

    Although a 1″/Super-16-like Sensor would make great sense for a professional Foto/Video-system for Leica, i.e. like a small, more professional Panasoni GH4 or Blackmagic BMPCC, I am sure that’s not it.

    Leica has a history of lazyness on innovation and change and perfecitonism on existing products.

    That’s why I bet, you’ll see no other than a:
    – XVario/2-like Body with some kind of APS-C Mount
    – 24mm lens as prime by Leica
    – Vario lLens as an later addition zoom-lens
    – existing Grips and EVF useable
    – M-Mount Adapter, later
    – Stereo-mic add-on for hot-shoe
    with no other capabilities as with the X Vario,
    for a price of ca. 2500,- USD without lens.

    Boring, yes, not frightening Fuji, yes, still, it’s a Leica.
    It adds flexibility to the X range and you can re-use existing M-Mount lenses, even the R-Lenses with an dual-adapter.

    I’d love to see Leica taking “documentary footage” more serious, even a pure video-customer targeted camera that allows for Leica Cine Lens usage. Again, not expecting anything on that.

    Have fun.

  • Paul Reading

    If it has a viewfinder I will be in, otherwise it is a Fuji for me, I can’t wait much longer.

  • Vivek

    No interest in this at all (unless it is a true monochrome camera!).

    There are way too many far better choices for very little cash around. 🙂

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