More on the upcoming Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera, lenses

Here is some additional information on the upcoming Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera posted by readers in the comments section:

  • The Leica T type 701 camera will have an aluminum unibody and it will take approximately 50 hours to manufacture it
  • The camera is rumored to be designed by Audi (similar to the Leica C and Leica M Titanium)
  • Leica T with a black anodized finish will be announced later
  • You can see the first pictures taken with the camera here
  • The new Leica T lenses will not have aperture rings and will be made by Panasonic
  • The first two models will be (more lenses will be announced later this year):
    • Leica VARIO-ELMAR-T ASPH 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens (27-84mm equivalent)
    • Leica SUMMICRON-T ASPH 23mm f/2 prime lens (35mm equivalent)


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  • NADA

    Just a FYI. Panasonic has nothing to do with this camera. -Someone who actually knows

    • AndreasAM

      So why are there no aperture rings on the lenses?
      This is so not Leica. With all the likely different values on different lenses, a ring on the lens is more logical and elegant solution.
      Although hardly distinguishable, on the photo there seems to be only one dial for shutter speed, not two as in the “Huffphoto’s”
      By the way, the last Leica-Panasonic lenses do also have rings…..

      Someone who wants to know…

      • Jack MacD

        Aperture rings are not on the Leica S, so why expect aperture rings on this?

        • AndreasAM

          Because a real visible aperture ring on top of the camera, like a Leica X, is unlikely with different lenses and aperture ranges. When you are depending on a (mode)dial on the back for setting the aperture, you have to use the screen on the back or an EVF, to check the aperture. So checking settings SS, A (and preferable ISO) at a glance,when camera is off, is impossible. Also working with an OVF isn’t as smooth, as it should be. Not the way I I like to work.
          And when the Leica T is aimed at a position between the M and the X, I expect this way of handling a of camera not like the Leica S, which is more SLR type of shooting. It shurely works, but not my preference.

          The argument that lenses will become more bulky, isn’t making sense, look at the small size Leica-Panasonic lenses, with AF and aperture ring.

          And the Leica M has aperture rings, so why expect less?

    • How many MP will be the sensor in the Leica T? Any other info you can share? Thanks!

  • Thylmuc

    NADA: A typical wobbly rumor statement. The above text does also not state that Panasonic has something to do with this camera. Just with the lenses.

  • Carlos

    This does not look like a real complementary camera to M or X owners, just a smaller camera that may allow for M lens (or other) adaptation, at best used with the AF-lenses it comes with to market, smaller and more flexible than the X line, I’d assume more expensive. Nothing of it keeps me going away from a Fuji solution, or a Sony, if I where a Sony guy.

    Let’s wait for photokina, hope Leica is showing some real innovation there at least. Something like two new M Models, M-E entry-pure (no LV/Video/EVF-Port) and M video-cool, 3 M zoom-lenses, and heavy Firmware upgrades to support a better EVF (VF-4?), better Video, Mic/phone ports.

    • big al

      What would you want Leica to do with the existing M-E? It already has no LV/video/EVF port.

      • Nick

        Yes – but it does have a different sensor.
        When there is a new M there will be a new M-E, with a CMOS sensor. Yet to be seen if it will include video/live view.
        No new M-E before then though.

        • big al

          Oh so I have at least two years to save for my dream M-E? I will do just that and if God wills it, I shall have my M camera! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of some M lenses. You can pick up prime 35 or 50mm lenses for anything from around £1000-2000. I think that about £1300 for a new LEICA lens is fair. Not like £3600 or so for a 1.4 35mm. I want the compact lenses anyway.

        • big al

          Oh yeah, and the screen is rubbish! They need to fix that on a new M-E.

    • rene holbrugge

      I second that! A Leica M-E camera with the M sensor and speed but without all the video and EVF inputs. Why buy an expensive rangefinder if you’re using a crappy EVF?
      And the whole “filming-with-photocamera” thing is over anyway: Sony, Canon, AJA and BM now have much more attractive solutions for filming with a large sensor.

  • Simon

    The more I hear about this camera the less it makes sense to me. I don’t understand the target audience for this at all.

    It looks like a high-end point ‘n’ shoot with interchangeable lenses which in itself is strange enough but then it could well price itself out of the market for similar systems anyway. Only time will tell I suppose. If the results speak then that’s what should matter.

    However I would like to see Leica stay true to manual and mechanical modes of operation, which for me is the real joy of photography while simultaneously giving you more control and better freedom of expression. The digital M manages this outstandingly well.

    That FaceBook page is either taken down or is members only and I’m not a member.

    • booh

      Price anything $2995 and stamp the logo on you’ll have customers.

    • bigbrightvf

      I agree.
      Last I checked, Leicas target audience wasn’t photographers wanting shiny aps-c
      point-n-shoot bodies with no viewfinder & slow autofocus lenses.

      But…it IS designed by audi though. So that’s something, right? Right?

    • jmb

      “I don’t understand the target audience for this at all”

      I think the target audience is people who want to make a statement with a camera, the same way they do with handbags and accessories from Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, etc.
      The camera will always stay in auto-Program, autofocus and Auto ISO modes.
      The other day I was seated on flight next to two Russian women. Everything they were carrying was branded! From the shoes to hair clips and bags, brands (famous and expensive) were visible on everything they were wearing. A Leica T would have been a perfect companion as it has the right size and weight to fit in a Vuitton bag! Does it make sense for Leica to take advantage of this growing segment? I think it does. This camera probably generates significant margin that can be later applied to R&D. Will I buy this camera: certainly not. Will it sell in China, Russia, Singapore and Palo Alto like hot cakes? I certainly hope so. Leica needs this type of products to keep cash-flow positive and develop new cameras that you and I will buy… Kudos to the Marketing team to take advantage of this “nouveaux riches”.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Likely no aperture ring on the lenses since the new T mount lenses are capable of autofocus. That mechanism will add extra bulk so they might have felt the need to cut corners somewhere else like the aperture rings. Hopefully the camera is user friendly and has good ergonomics despite its small size to make aperture, shutter, ISO, and exposure compensation quickly. I would also like something like the latest Ricoh GR has where you can snap focus. Very useful for street photography.

    As far as the samples go… The shot of the crowd has respectable dynamic range it appears but it’s pretty soft. I think it’s an unwritten law that most manufacturers show crappy photos at first so you are pleasantly surprised when the general public gets ahold of it and begins to show its true capabilities.

  • padam

    Wow unibody shell…the perfect addition to your shiny new Macbook

  • tim

    Until today I could see no point to this form factor, however I just finished a day with my Ricoh GR which is quite similar in shape … and had been thinking for a while that a version with a zoom lens would be nice.

    So who could want this camera, assuming it to be correct? A Ricoh GR owner could be very interested, especially if the zoom would collapse and it could take M glass … even though the price would seem to be quite a stretch. Never the less, can’t see an all metal camera …

  • Ironymous

    Why do whiners think every single camera is designed only for their own use?

    • Dr. K

      Because they can’t design one themselves and get it on Kickstarter….

  • bigbrightVF

    Nice viewfinder… Sorry, j/k.
    But seriously- This one is about as exciting as the x-vario. Leica users/potential future users have been crying for a true mini-M(aps-c M) & a digital version of the cm(FF with fixed lens) for what seems like ages, and this is what Leica releases? Smh.
    This thing…. I don’t even know what to think about Leica anymore.

    I hope this new ‘T’ model isn’t leica’s answer to the upcoming Fuji full frame x-pro2 &
    FF x200…

  • Scarla

    To the trash it goes.

  • Derp

    Haha i can see myself on Kaufmans pictures 😛

  • Carlos

    Leica does 1 thing right every ca. 10 years. then 10 things wrong. It’s in their culture. They just got lucky that asia opened up a market for them.

  • antaron

    For me this kind of camera makes perfectly sense – modern design, APS-C, small AF-lenses, M-adapter. Like it or not – this is the camera we will see end of April. This is targeted at a younger audience that can afford Leica brand, but want Apple-like design and AF lenses.
    Actually I don’t understand all the moaning when Leica releases a new camera. Example?
    Leica X Vario:
    Too big, just APS-C, slow lens.
    It’s a fact, that the visual performance of the X Vario is excellent. Leica wanted to built a not too big camera with fixed AF zoom lens. Optics have physical limitation. If you want a faster lens you will need to build them bigger. That’s the trade-off. Leica still wanted it not too big, that’s why it’s a slow lens.
    I think some people want to see a Sony RX1 copy by Leica. But actually the Sony RX1 isn’t really a bestseller. I guess we would again hear the same moans: too big, too expensive, too limited.
    Btw: FF for Fuji makes no sense! They would need a completely new developed FF lens mount. Why the hell should they do that, when they not even make money with their current X system?

  • Bruce_K

    Why would anyone buy into this system rather than the Fuji X Series?

    • Origamy

      I don’t know. Why don’t we wait until, you know, it actually comes out? Then we’d know. No?

  • Seven_Spades

    I just won’t buy a Leica without a viewfinder, the sad thing is I want Leica to make a Digital “Contax G2 like camera” with viewfinder, and they keep coming up with the rubbish. I would have bought a Vario if it had a built in viewfinder. I am not the only one who feels like this, so why do they not pay any attention. Look at the success of the Fuji range and yet they ignore it, utter madness.

    • Carlos Danger

      20-30 somethings who run the company now have perfect eyesight and no clue.

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