100 years of Leica photograhy


This year Leica Camera celebrates 100 years of Leica photography. We have already seen the 100 years special edition Leica S and Leica D-Lux 6 cameras and I just reported on the upcoming Valbray-Leica watch. There will be also at least one more special edition film camera that will be announced later this year (probably for Photokina) and will be limited to 100 pieces.


Westlicht will have a special auction for the 100 years anniversary and the catalog is already available online. Here are some of the auctioned items:

A new exhibition “36 from 100“ with Leica iconic photos will open in Wetzlar in May 2014. For more information visit this website.

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  • Guest

    The special edition camera will be announced probably at the Westlicht auktion – check the lot number 100 😉

    • guest

      Edition of 100. Another five-figure price. I’m OK with that but it will generate no new Leicaphiles, no new Leica users, no increase in Leica sales. Only some raised eyebrows among those who don’t know how Leica prices appear to work. Leica needs a digital M2-ish response, and the M-E isn’t it. An M3 led me to an a la carte MP in less than four months.

      • Kynikos

        This. Raise the lens prices to Kingdom Come (please don’t, but they will anyway…) but give us the M Typ 241 at under $4K (a real M, not a T) with enough supply at launch to get more people in the game.

        • Rawr

          They might make a FF Leica T in the future because that mount is big enough to house a FF sensor in it 🙂

    • Item 100 – it is not clear what is it

  • Al

    I wonder what will the Leica presence in Photokina be like this year? Back in 2012 the company occupied one complete hall at the Kolnmesse, will they do the same this year?

  • ck_dexter_haven

    A new film camera…. Well, that piqued my interest until i noted it’s an edition of only 100. Beautiful. “Leica — the company of exclusion.” Leica used to have a great deal to do with great photography. Now? If anything good is done with a current Leica, it’s almost accidental.

  • vastseawy

    A new Leica M ?

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