Leica fans can expect “exciting news” at Photokina *UPDATED*


Update: see this updated list of rumored/expected new Leica products for Photokina.

AmateurPhotographer published an interview with Leica Camera UK general manager Jason Heward who promised that "At Photokina we will make a real statement about the brand and our ambitious plans". You can read the entire interview here. Some of the previously rumored new Leica products expected at Photokina are:

If you have any information about the upcoming Leica product, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • Neopulse

    The new S I’m really hoping to see what they plan to bring to the table on an already awesome camera. Maybe an update also on the 120mm macro for those who like using macro with the system. And maybe a 150mm f/2.2 for instance to compete with the Hasselblad 100mm f/2.2.

  • Simon

    Why do I keep wanting to say “Photonika”?

    • Paul

      Because you have cleverly made connection that a photon is a bundle of light, and because Photonika is easier to say than Photokina.

  • me

    Hi does this mean you are expecting an m-e 2?

    • Simon

      There was a rumour earlier…

    • Yes, I missed that one.

  • AxsonJ

    Isn’t the 28mm Summilux a hot contender to be released soon?

  • Leica pls

    It would be terribly fun if they started to lower the price, maybe a “cheap” monochrome interchangeable m-mount cam for 1500-2500 using almost the same kind of sensor as the m9 but all black and white…one can only dream…maybe the same kind of lever function as the epson r-d1…

    • say what?

      There will never, ever, at all, be a cheap Leica

      • guest

        Hows ’bout a no-video, M-E-ish something with a fixed 35mm Summarit? Doesn’t have to be cheap, just “cheap”.

  • Pantechnicon

    Let’s hope it is another special engraved limited edition, or a soft release. They are great.

  • Alaa

    If the company’s presence is anything like that of 2012, then it’s gonna be an awesome Photokina! Somehow I doubt it, after all two years ago we had a refurbishment across the entire product spectrum from the P&Ss to the S. This year we have the T, perhaps a new S, maybe an M-E, and a lens or two.
    But even in years past where the only announcements were special editions and projectors, Leica always made an impact at the show.

  • Bryan Campbell

    I would love an M-E 2 as long as it’s still the same M9 and M-E sensor (or a better CCD sensor)… Also, the 28 Summilux ASPH is overdue.

  • Say What?

    Surely we are due a Titan and maybe a M240-P

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