Walter Leica’s new contrast lens accessory for easier focusing

Walter Leica has a new contrast lens accessory with a special golden color coating which intensifies the light, resulting in better contrast for easier focusing. Here are the details:

  • The lens is manufactured by hand, utilizing the best optics available and is mounted in solid ‘Gun Kote’ brass.
  • Multi coated optics to reduce glare.
  • Contrast-enhancing tint for improved focusing.
  • Refined and improved dimensions.
  • Larger optical curved lense for clearer, wider view.
  • Simply screws into any Leica M camera.
  • Coating can be used with prescription lenses (WALTER eyepiece), diopter lenses and plano (normal) lenses.
  • Price: $180.00 (includes postage by registered airmail)

Some of the previous products from are: Leica camera nut cracker, M-Stedi gripRX Eyepiece and the Walterleica rollbar.

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  • TheInconvenientRuth


  • fjfjjj

    OMG, a light intensifying filter! Is it made of transparent aluminum?

  • Walter needs a different hobby

    Focusing is already simple and very effective with the factory Leica focusing patch and multi-coated glass rangefinder window. If it isn’t broken, then why fix it (unless you just really need to see the world in some sort of dreamy golden hue and have $180 USD burning a hole in your pocket.) I think this belongs in the same rubbish bin as the Walterleica rollbar.

    • Leica used to sell a similar accessory for the Leica II and III, but it attached to the front instead of the eyepiece. I’ve used them before and they do work, making the contrast “pop” more when you have coincidence in the rangefinder.
      Ever seen people at a shooting range? They’re not wearing yellow tinted glasses to look cool (because they don’t).

  • Not comforting when a guy who manufacturers lenses spells “lens” wrong (“lense”) on his website.

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    • Thylmuc

      He is not a native speaker, as it appears. South Africa.

      • South Africa has two official languages, Afrikaans and English. Most people speak both fluently.

    • “Lense” is a english variation of “lens” and is considered a correct and acceptable spelling, especially outside of the USA.

    • “Lense” is a english variation of “lens” and is considered a correct and acceptable spelling, especially outside of the USA.

  • booh

    Walter surely produces some of the most expensive and useless Leica accessories.

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