Leica may “skip” the X Vario

Leica X Vario camera first impressions
In case you missed the interview I posted earlier today, it seems that for now Leica will "skip" the X Vario product line:

Enche Tjin: How about Leica T ? and How about Leica X and X Vario line? I heard that X Vario is your favorite camera.

Dr. Andreas Kauffman: The T system is renamed to TL because SL and TL share the same L-mount. Basically T/TL is the APS-C system. When the T system comes into the market, we have the SL already in focus. That’s why the mount is the same, only for the smaller sensor. So I think you will see certain things with the TL, and the X. We have the X but what we skip is Leica Vario. Unfortunately so because I think it is probably the best zoom lens in APS-C system.

When I travel, I am an amateur photographer, and when I want to travel light I usually take my Leica Vario.  It fulfills all of the needs of an amateur photographer. We were in Scotland for instance. I took my X Vario with me, and after that I printed out a photo book for my family; beautiful pictures.

Maybe our marketing for X Vario could’ve been enhanced. And so, at the end we need to decide. Remember we are a small to medium sized enterprise. We have a huge range of products, maybe the biggest in the industry because we still also do an analogue camera. And sometimes you have to decide against your own personal wish. Okay, it is a great product, but it’s is the end of the lifecycle. We need to move on.

The Leica X Vario was announced in June 2013 and quickly turned into one of the "most hated" Leica camera because of the slow lens (18 - 46mm f/3.5 - 6.4). After some price drops, the X Vario was listed as discontinued. The camera is still available for sale on Amazon, Adorama and B&H.

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  • Massimo Scognamiglio

    it’s a pity. The Leica x vario is (was) an amazing camera

  • 3foot1

    “Most hated” Leica? People didn’t like the specs, which lowered the initial demand, but everyone who tested or bought an X-Vario raved about the build quality and the lens, one of the sharpest ever.

    • I used quotes for “most hated”…

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        I’d say that title is hotly contested 😀 However, ‘ridiculed’ might’ve been a better word, which it certainly was.

        • Yes, you are right, I will use that word next time.

  • MZ

    Who cares about X/T? Where is the new M??? Or do they still want to milk M240 for another year?

    • waterengineer

      what does your M240 not do that you want?

      • FountainHead

        Sensor improvement always welcome.

      • Semido

        Too big. Bring it back to film M size.

      • CHD

        It’s a long list, do you really want to know? Your comment insinuates that he should be happy with the M240 ‘forever’. Well the M240 has been around for four years and there are plenty of us who would like to see a refresh.

        • Christopher J. May

          You know this is an M, correct? Once upon a time it took a lot longer than 4 years for new M cameras to come along. I know that the digital age changed that a bit, but it’s not like the M240 is suddenly an obsolete camera. It’s kind of nice to see some of the stability of the M mount return, IMHO.

          • CHD

            I’m well aware it’s an M…I own the camera. Comparing a digital M to a film camera is moronic….for all the obvious reasons. Like it or not, 4 years for a digital camera is long in the tooth. I love my M240 but Leica needs to get a replacement out if they wish to remain relevant.

          • Christopher J. May

            “Moronic.” Thanks for keeping it classy…

            All I’m saying is that there’s something nice about the stability of established camera design. I fail to see where the M240 is so far behind, either. There may have been some sensor improvements, but they’re not the monumental changes that marked camera generations of the earlier digital years. While it may make me a “moron” for thinking so, I still like the idea of a long-lived, functional camera. Something like the M6 of the digital era.

    • Scott

      More reliable computer in that body with larger buffer. And if they wanted to improve dynamic range, I don’t think anyone would complain.

  • ZMWT

    Let Leica put together new TL camera and TL 18-55 lens in about $2K combo, and it will do as an X-Vario replacement.

    • Enche Tjin

      Yes, with fast AF, improved sensor/ low light performance.

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