Leica M-P Brass Edition 35

leica-m-p-brass-edition-35-limited-edition-camera3 leica-m-p-brass-edition-35-limited-edition-camera4 leica-m-p-brass-edition-35-limited-edition-camera2
In early 2016 Leica unveiled the world's first ever full matte brass finish M limited edition camera kit created especially for The Hour Glass in Singapore (I missed to report that announcement here on the blog). The kit includes a brass Leica Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH lens. Only 35 pieces will be produced worldwide. The price is/was $35,000 (all sold out already).

The making of Leica M-P Brass Edition 35 camera video:

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  • Bo Dez

    wow, that’s…um….

  • beach

    Why do they even bother making the camera and lens fully functional? Not likely that the combo will ever be used to actually make an image with it…


    This might seem expensive, frivolous and possibly bizarre to the ignorant, but clearly this Leica Brass Edition provides a major advantage to busy and possibly camera-abusive photographers: no visible brassing! [sarcasm alert]

  • thats actually funny, imagine you walk around the streets, dazed from the sun reflect of the golden cron and a really fancy person with leopard coat is shooting the scenery. 😀
    awesome! hahahaha
    but 35 people on this planet ownes it!!!! and probably using it…. hard to believe!

  • TwoStrayCats

    I wonder if one of the Trumps owns one?

    • Boris but No Johnson

      Matte finish is bad, bad, really bad, nasty. Trumpsters need it yuge, bigly, flashy, shiny, reflective, beautifully gold-plated.

  • dwawe

    Honestly, this makes me never want to buy a Leica again. Ugly. Gaudy. Tacky. I am out. Hasselblad would never do this.

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    Like it! Surprised we don’t have more brass cameras all the look of gold editions without worrying about gold plate coming off with handling

  • looks like a Kim Kardashian edition: my name is bling, bling-bling…..

  • Les

    I like it. It reminds me of nautical equipment. I’m sure that people with 8-bit displays will confuse the brass with gold, but it doesn’t look like gold on my display.

    I agree with others that the music in the promo video is “Ugly. Gaudy. Tacky.” What were they thinking? Did they click on a pop-up for “top quality royalty-free music?”

    • Thiseas

      Yep! Wouldnt be that bad with a different leather or vulcanite.

      We can repeat: BRASS is NOT GOLD, it does not look tacky, it looks like vintage nautical equipment.

  • Licheus

    I love my brassed BP M7, but the exposed part stinks. Bet this one will smell like hell…

    • Boris but No Johnson

      I love the smell but it makes you smell like it as well even if you’ve handle it for just a short while.

  • raziel28

    Another “status symbol” camera…

  • Ryan

    So tacky

  • CHD

    Hey look….another discrete Leica so you can catch that decisive moment…

  • Rotating Beater Shaft

    Really wish they’d make journalists’ tools with pride, instead of making cosplay accessories for dentists, Chinese new money, and midlife crisis-ers who want to play photojournalist.

    This is just gross.

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