New leaked picture shows the buttons on the back of the Leica M10 camera

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Another leaked picture shows the buttons on the back of the Leica M10 camera. As I already reported, the M10 will have only 3 buttons: LV, Play and Menu as well as 2 LEDs.

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  • eric

    simple. very nice.

    • exactly how I like it 🙂

      • eric

        yes. simple is the best.

  • Need money for an M

    I have no idea why people are complaining about M10’s ‘new’ look. In my opinion, it’s still an M and it still looks very good…

    • people are complaining about the m10’s look? I can’t say I’ve noticed any complaints. definitely have seen a lot of praises. agree, it still looks like an M, perhaps even more than ever.. one of the simplest design and interfaces I’ve seen.. sure, technically there’s a bit more going on on the top(&side) with the new ISO dial, but, I like it.. obviously, looks like an old school film rewind knob, but this particular knob has been repurposed for quick visual external ISO check and adjustment. Haven’t heard any confirmations on this, but is this M10 supposed to be strictly stills photo and no video?.. which is fine to me as the likely hood of using video on this is near 0% for most users, I imagine.

      As somewhere else has mentioned, curious what the 2 LED’s, 1 above and 1 below the buttons, are for?

      • Paul

        I already have the transplant surgeon on speed dial ready for when this thing drops.

  • eric

    there is a new picture up, from that persons instagram, that shows the complete back of m10

    • Walter Strong

      yeah looks good. Looks like ISO is controllable from the menu as well as the wheel? Or maybe the menu just reflects what the wheel is set to?

      • Walter Strong

        Burying exposure compensation prob isn’t very helpful for auto shooters.

    • Thanks, will post online.

  • What does that Louis Vuitton button do?

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