A limited number of refurbished Leica M-E, M9-P and Monochrom cameras available for sale in Germany

Leica Camera released a limited number of refurbished Leica M-E, Leica M9-P and Leica M Monochrom cameras for sale to Meister Camera in Germany (each comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty):

Leica M-E "Zement":

Leica M9-P "Brandy“:

Leica M Monochrom "Strauß“:

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  • I’m starting to see a pattern here. Bundle deals for M240s, Refurbished deals, and Delay orders of the M10s. Looks like they are trying to clear inventory before they drop the M10s : ( It’s gonna be awhile…

    • eric

      lol, the bundles are really good deals. what is up with the m10 delay though. ive been waiting over a month and have heard nothing. i know the leica q was hard to get for like a year so perhaps this lack of supply will increase demand for the m10.

      • From what I understand, the Leica Corporate stores are getting them first and the smaller ones are only getting about 20-30 of them. But none of them know when they will get any.

        • eric

          ah, i see, thanks for the info. i guess it will be luck if i get one soon. hoping the list im on has dwindled since last month. i havent heard of any user complaints so far, so cant be a hardware issue. must just be a marketing strategy.

          • So sad, I will not get it in time for my travels I have coming : (

          • eric

            yeah, i can relate. i was planning on trying it out when i travel next month but luckily i have other good cameras to use. something to look forward too 🙂

    • photomanayu

      I think this is more like their light bulb moment: “with the sensor corrosion upgrade program, what are we gona do to these traded in cameras? Let’s sell them again!”

  • Bo Dez

    If I was new to Leica I would buy this before I bought an M10

    • eric

      why? for the ccd sensor? m10 will last many years. no contest.

      • Bo Dez

        Half the cost for the mostly the same performance except high ISO. Put the extra €3250 you save to use on lenses. It will not drop much in value compared with the M10.

        • eric

          im not sure i would agree that it has the same performance. newer sensor, more mp’s than m9, simplified external buttons, , wifi, larger viewfinder, plus as you said, high iso. but i also dont really buy cameras wondering what theyre resale will be worth. ive never sold a camera ive owned before. everyone is different though.

          • Bo Dez

            At base ISO the M240 shows little difference to the M9, the M10 shows little difference to the M10. If you are setting up a system, if you have the money to go for an M10 and get the lenses you want, great. Otherwise spending half the money on a very adequate body means you can spend that money on building more of a system.

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