Leica digest

→ Vintage lens review: non-retrofocus ultra-wide-angle lenses.

→ The $2,000 off instant deal on select Leica M camera and lens combos now turned into a mail-in rebate at B&HAdorama still offers the direct savings on their website.

Huawei announced the P10 and P10 Plus smartphones with Leica branded cameras.

→ Another interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufmann in German (Google translation).

→ More on the departure of Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner (in German, Google translation).

→ The latest issue of LFI is out.

→ Geoff Ang: Kali Majapahit martial arts with the Leica SL.

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  • eric

    interesting articles. kaufmann mentions the possibility of a new analog m.

    • A new m7 maybe? They already have the M-A….

      • eric

        could be. sounds like they are looking into a new analog model but waiting to see whether the analog market grows more.

        • they kind of refreshed the MP with the M-A, now I think they can refresh the M7

          • It’s gonna be the M7P, MP body with Aperture Priority and Light Metering. : )

          • Yes, sounds good to me.

          • It’s actually my custom request. Leica dealers are waiting for Leica HQ to confirm if it’s possible. I’ll keep you updated if they approve it and if the price is right i’ll make an order 😀

          • Yes please, I’ve been wanting something like that for a while.

          • At the same time, it does kinda go against what a M is too. lol

          • Well, you can always get the M-A without a light meter and aperture priority. I prefer to have them both. You don’t have to use them.

          • So true. Let’s hope they say yes! I wouldnt be surprised if the request sparked an idea to mainstream the product.

          • Actually check the current a la carte program, they already have something similar:


          • Right, but it doesnt give you the option to add Light Meter or AV mode. So I had to made the request with a dealer. The dealer said Leica didnt say no but they are looking into the possibilities of it. Hopefully it’s not crazy in pricing.

          • But you can select the M7 and make it look like an MP.

          • eric

            i prefer the m6, but it will be interesting to see if they do anything here. hard to tell if return to film is just a fad or a longer term trend.

          • But Leica doesn’t have to spend any money on r&d – just like with the X-A. It should be easy cash for them.

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