Using the Konica Minolta ACT-100 1.5x telephoto converter lens on the Leica Q camera

An update on my last post on attaching additional third party lens converters to the Leica Q camera - another option described here is using this old Konica Minolta ACT-100 1.5x telephoto converter lens with a 49mm thread that fits perfectly on the Q and gives an effective 75mm when using the 50mm crop mode:

28mm*1.5 = 42m
35mm*1.5 = 52.5mm
50mm*1.5 =75mm

The Konica Minolta ACT-100 1.5x telephoto converter lens can be purchased on eBay for around $40 (some sample photos available in the Facebook discussion, update - see also this Facebook post):

Pictures credit: eBay

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  • Heinz Richter

    I purchased a Vivitar tele and wide angle converter for use on my wife’s Leica Digilux 2. Works reasonably well, but only with the lens in the telephoto position for the telephoto converter and the wide angle position of the lens with the wide angle converter. The other zoom position lead to unacceptable vignetting.

  • YourFace

    Is there anyway to see the sample photos without logging in? I don’t have a Facebook account…

    • martin0reg

      Me too…
      Why not discuss it here?
      Has Marc Z. bought all these web sites? Where you even can not log in without supporting a so called “social” network?
      Sorry for the rant.. I’m truely interested in the subject

  • tony

    Might as well as buy a leica sl or sony a7r ii

  • martin0reg

    Has anybody tried this converter on a Sony RX1?

    This would be a nice combination together with the modified wide converter described here

  • soundimageplus

    I’ve been trying out some of these ‘add-on lenses’. I will be doing a proper full review on my blog later this month, but I thought I would share some initial impressions. All have 49mm threads and screw in easily to the Q’s lens.

    Ricoh GW-3 21mm 0.75x wide-angle conversion lens –
    Wide open at f/1.7 it resembles a soft focus lens. However stopping down it becomes VERY sharp at f/8 – f/11. Great for what I want it for, but if you were thinking of a 21mm option wide open, forget it. Unless you like very ‘misty’ images.

    Konica Minolta Wide Angle Converter ACW-100 0.8X – This is another W/A adapter. It’s big. Wide open it’s better than the Ricoh, sharp in the middle. Stopped down the corners get sharper, but never as sharp as the Ricoh. (Typical Minolta!) It’s also 0.8x as opposed to 0.75. However I got it on ebay for £20.

    Konica Minolta ACT-100 1.5x telephoto converter lens – Only useable with the frame lines set to 50mm. Massive vignetting otherwise. It’s huge, as you can see from the picture. You can create a 50mm (75mm) jpg. crop only with it. The raw file can be used, but again needs to be cropped. The good news is that it’s super sharp, even at f/1.7. Cost me £40 from ebay.

    As I indicated, for me they will very useful. And used under the right conditions you can get sharp results which won’t negate the the high quality sensor / lens combination of the Q. They are relatively simple lenses after all and well made. However, there are the above considerations to be aware of.

    As indicated I will do a full review on my blog, when I have the time and I’ll try to provide full-size samples.

    In conclusion, the Ricoh is an excellent wider angle option for the Q, but only if you are prepared to stop the Q’s lens down. The Minolta wider angle option is useful only if you are prepared to accept soft corners, at all apertures. And the Minolta 1.5x converter IS very sharp, but only if you use the 50MP crop and are happy with 8MP and think 75mm is enough of a difference from 50mm. So, useful with conditions. Personally, I will get a lot from them, as for my stock work I prefer narrow wide angle apertures anyway and with a high proprtion of my sales coming from web use, an 8MP crop isn’t an issue.

    I will post a link in this post when I’ve done a more comprehensive review and I have a fisheye / close up adapter I will include as well.

    • martin0reg

      Thank you for your valuation.
      One practical question regarding the ACT-100: it weighs 500g, which is twice the weight of the big Sony UWC, mounted on a front bajonet of the FE28mm –
      Isn’t this too much for a filter thread…i.e. too heavy for the leica Q lens (and similar like RX1)!?

      • soundimageplus

        It doesn’t seem to be. There is quite a deep screw depth on it and the lens which makes a strong bond. This was originally designed for the Minolta Dimage 7s which was nowhere near as robust as the Q. I imagine Minolta wouldn’t have expected it to adversely affect that camera and I see no reason why it should effect the Leica.

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