Coming soon: 7Artisans 35mm f/2 rangefinder coupled lens for Leica M-mount

In addition to the 50mm f/1.1, the Chinese company 7Artisans is rumored to announce a new 35mm f/2 rangefinder coupled lens for Leica M-mount (pictured above). The official announcement is expected in August. The lens will have a 43mm filter thread. It is not clear if the new lens will have the same design as their current 35mm f/2 lens for Sony E-mount (more info here).

7Artisans lenses can be purchased from Amazon US | Amazon DE | Amazon UK | eBay US | eBay UK

Pictures via Weibo

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  • Hmm, interesting. Plenty of affordable 35mm lenses for Leica already though.

      • VoytekBiroshak

        more info will probably appear first via their official Weibo account (Chinese site similar to Twitter/Facebook):

        Agreed – it’s a very odd choice to make a 35mm F/2 and not something faster, even F/1.5 would be nice and would make it an interesting purchase for many more people.

        Standard 35s for Leica are a saturated market –
        even on the cheapest end there’s a ton of new and used cheap Voigtlander 35s on eBay (In comparison to the size and speed of this 7artisans lens you have your choice of the much smaller/tiny but slower Color Skopar F2.5 or the larger but faster – both highly respected lenses. There’s also the Ultron F1.4 which still looks like it’s smaller than this lens, and the Nokton F1.2. Most of their market likely own one of these or a Zeiss or Leica 35mm)

        Equally I feel something wider and even fairly fast, such as a compact 28mm F/2 lens, would be far far more interesting. I’m still hoping for more usable (less fiddly) version of something similar to the MS Optical 28mm F/2

        What 7artisans did really well with the F1.1 is that they made an unusual and normally pricey lens at a very low cost while also adding some value over the next nearest option – by making it smaller, lighter and focus closer than the Voigtlander equivalent.

        However their Sony mount 35mm lens is $150 / £125, so if this is priced in a similar way, and is in any way decent, it should still be quite popular.

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    I think they need to concentrate on very fast lenses at low prices most will already have a 35 f2….

    • Mistral75

      > most will already have a 35 f2..

      Most Chinese people? China is their main market.

    • Ric Ricard

      My thoughts exactly. You can even get the Lomography 2.8 lens for like $350.

      • VoytekBiroshak

        I suspect this lens will be less than $200 – their 35mm F/2 FE mount lens is $150

    • Chris Chan

      have you check eBay or Amazon, they have f1.1 50mm and a new f.095 5mm soon.

      • Jukeboxjohnnie

        Yes Ive got the 1.1 will probably buy anything they bring out, the 1.1 pictures have a slight dreamy retro feel to images very pleasing

      • Can you post the links please? I cannot find the 50mm f/0.95 lens on Amazon or eBay.

  • Ed

    What a beauty! A design Chairman Mao, demigod of all that is Left, would have approved. Looks like it would also go over well on Pyongyang too.

  • Frickenet

    Oh no. I paid thousands of Euros for my Leica body and will certainly not screw cheap Chinese lenses on my Leica. If I want to save some money I prefer to use Voightlander or Zeiss lenses.

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