Additional Leica TL2 pictures

Three new pictures of the Leica TL2 camera from Nokishita confirm the removal of the eternal flash. Stay tuned - the official announcement is in 4 hours (9 am EST).

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  • ZMWT

    Did they at least increase the size of LCD screen then?

    • Vikas Gore

      It looks that way but the three screen based buttons are gone. Hints at changes to the interface I think.

  • Daryl

    The power switch is now like the M10, on/off only and the video button no longer has a red dot, otherwise looks like a T.

  • Typically Leica nothing really new!

    • Les

      Leica (and Canon) like to evolve good designs rather than start over. I like that, if only because you don’t have to re-learn everything when switching cameras.

      It’s also good for perceived value since your old camera doesn’t seem obsolete as soon as the new one comes out.

    • Vikas Gore

      Hardly “typical Leica” though. The T, the SL, the S and Q are all bold initiatives even if not the very latest technology.

  • tjholowaychuk

    Maybe I’m not in the demographic but I find it really hard to get excited about a Leica APS-C.

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