First pictures of the Leica TL2 camera leaked online

The first pictures of the upcoming Leica TL2 mirrorless camera leaked online. As I already reported the new TL2 will keep the same form factor as the previous T/TL models. The main upgrade will be the new 24MP APS-C sensor. Here is what else to expect from the TL2:

  • Very similar to the T and TL design
  • No EVF
  • Very fast everything
  • New 24MP sensor
  • No flash
  • Max ISO: 50,000
  • 4K video
  • New customizable interface with more selections and options
  • The edges of the body are now smoother compared to the T and TL: the CNC machining of the camera is slightly modified from the T/TL as the edges are chamfered to reduce the "normal-angle" sharp edging of the previous models (this chamfering stops about half an inch short of the hot-shoe from both sides)
  • The official announcement will be on or around July 10th
  • The Leica TL2 will use the same Visoflex as the M10
  • Price: around 2,000 EUR/USD/GBP

Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a more detailed coverage.

Pictures via Nokishita

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  • So… the difference in height is caused by the shutter!? ….

  • Can confirm. BLAZING fast in all aspects.

    • Thanks, will there be a new lens announced as well?

      • Nope.

      • Nope. There will be new lens adapters, though.

        • Thanks, also for other mounts? Meaning for other than Leica M lenses? Tell that they will announce a new AF adapter for Leica M lenses 🙂

          • Yes for other mounts. Unfortunately, I cannot delve into any technical details until a date and time on or around what has already been rumored. 😉

          • No problem – I understand completely. This will be an intersting development. Thanks! Send me a link when you can share whatever you have to share 🙂

          • abortabort

            That would certainly be very interesting.

          • Yes, hopefully everything will be announced on Monday. I am curious.

    • Great!! will the old EVF performs faster on the TL2??

      • Les

        It should. The refresh rate is a function of the camera’s sensor and electronics, not of the viewfinder itself.

        • abortabort

          That’s not entirely true. Displays still have native maximums.

    • ZMWT

      You should have said “in-credibly fast in all re-spects”. [In British accent, imitating Jony Ive].

  • Bskbo

    I really don’t like the shutter release hump. The old design is better. And why o why doesn’t it have an evf?


    great, wonder what sensor they are using and whats the low light performance, This will sure make the T and low volume released TL more affordable, to tell you the truth I like the sharp cornea of the T compared to the chamfered edges of the TL and TL2, cleaner, simple and bold. hardly any change externally, I like it, now this TL is certainly up there!, can’t wait for the release, it will be exciting.


    i hope they have upped the shutter speed to 1/8000s at least

  • soundimageplus

    Good to see that amazing screen retained and ‘BLAZING fast in all aspects’ is good to hear. I’m also keen to hear that MF is easier (focus peaking etc.) I already have Novoflex adapters for Leica M, Leica R, Nikon F and Canon EF (with AF) and use them all the time with my SL, but not so much with my T’s. (Apart from my Voigtlander 10mm which from f/8 > actually doesn’t need focusing) Hopefully this is the small, light, great image quality mirrorless camera that sets the standard.


    Is there a chance it has a FULL FRAME SENSOR in it??? Its 24MP, Leica is boasting 50000 max ISO, that was only possible with a FF sensor in the M10 just months ago, also there is talk of new adapter, AND why would Leica TEASE us with the SHUTTER sound that sounds so ordinary, its something to do with the sensor! If so, forget about EVF, I am buying it!

    • Mistral75

      There is no chance Leica will propose a 24×36 ‘baby SL’ camera at 2,000 EUR/GBP/USD anytime soon.

    • El Aura

      I think there is zero chance that Leica’s camera for the APS-C market has a FF sensor in it. There is zero chance that a Leica camera named “TL” has a FF sensor in it. Like there is zero chance that Leica TL, Canon EF-S or Nikon DX lenses cover FF (completely and with good IQ).

      At least on the Sony side, people have started to clamour for a (rangefinder) A5 instead of hoping that the successor to the A6500 would have a FF sensor.

    • No chance at all 🙂

      • RONIT

        I know I know, just hopeful thinking, with a few supporting evidence to go by. I don’t see anything exciting about this if speed and sensor perfornmace is the only improvement, I would rather spend my $2k on a sony A7 series, again you will have to invest in the visoflex ($500) and new adapter ($400), if planning to use M lenses, that will easily bring the price up to $3k, and of course one would want to have the visoflex, but I feel at least leica should update that.

  • Daryl

    No flash sounds like the power switch will be similar to the m10, simply on/off. Wonder what will be in its place or nothing?

  • Seven_Spades

    No EVF… a wasted opportunity. Sad I won’t be buying one then.

    • Chad Wadsworth

      The digital G2 arrived in 2015…

      • ZMWT

        Thank you for the link about Contax. It is pity they are stuck on such an ugly and badly designed camera, but if the lenses work, it is not so bad still.

        • raziel28

          why ugly? it has sleek and modern design.
          even leica sl looks similar.

        • Chad Wadsworth

          lol, I’m more concerned about the quality of the images, not how the camera looks. G2 lenses on the a7RII is a superb combination.

    • Agreed.
      If the used market can be used as evidence that the T was a failure (and I believe it was), why does Leica think it failed? I bought a used T for what I thought was a steal (and then sold it at a pretty big loss). I also had the flimsy, overpriced external EVF. IMO the camera was unusable with the EVF for anything in motion…and I’m talking ANY motion. If was moving at a rate faster than paint dries, the shot was missed. This was confirmed by Jono Slack, and was reported to Leica. So why on earth would Leica offer 2 more editions of the T without an EVF?!?!? It is beyond comprehension.

  • ZMWT

    It seems designers for the TL2 became Bob Dylan and Jony Ive, when they started to complain how badly T sounds, and feels in hands?
    Then, it was an excellent opportunity for Leica to catch up with the latest geekwords too. (A) They got rid of the flash, and have added a new shutter, so that the “life-changing sound” reminds of the .. Leica M? (B) And added [insert British accent here] “chamfered edges on the body of pure aircraft-grade, anodised alumi-ni-um”.

    • Les

      If you’ve ever held one, you know that the T and TL bodies have fairly sharp edges. Looks cool, but it makes the rubber accessory slip-cover almost mandatory. I’m not surprised that Leica is softening the edges.

      • ZMWT

        Yes, I like the edges better because without them the camera would as slippery as an eel. Even with edges it is so slippery that is cannot be used with a standard zoom lens without a case of some sort.

        • Floyd Summerhayes

          strange I’ve managed to use mine without any trouble inc R lenses

  • Okay, I’ll bite … why the knob that rises above the flush area of the camera? I seem to remember in the last camera that was one of two knobs, both of which were flush to the top.

    • Ric Ricard

      I really like the look and operation of this camera. But I gotta agree with you though that it would be cool if the shutter button were flush with the highest point of the camera the way it is on an M series camera.

      • It seems strange if that is the shutter button because I think it’s right on top of one of the other operating dials (shutter speed or exposure compensation/aperture). Maybe it just looks that way?

        • Ric Ricard

          Not sure. I just assumed it was next to those other controls. It would be cool to have a TL2 paired with an M10. One would be a super modern design heavily dependent on menus and non traditional controls, while the other body would be super retro and not requiring the user to ever use a menu. It’s too bad the TL2 isn’t a totally silent camera though. I think that is the next evolution in photography. The next “ground breaking” change that can actually affect the images you are able to produce. The previous one was amazing low light ability.

          • My Nikon D5 will operate as a completely silent camera in its mirror up LCD viewfinder mode. It’s pretty disconcerting since you often don’t even realize you are taking a picture, or even a sequence of pictures, because there is no sound and no real indication on the LCD, either.

          • Ric Ricard

            There’s quite a few good options for silent shutter today. I’d like to have a Fuji XE2s or maybe a Sony a6500 in my bag for the few times that I need a totally silent shutter. My D3s is really loud now. It didn’t used to seem loud, but since so many cameras are quieter today (including my D810) that it really seems loud.

          • I like the Leica Q shutter. It’s quiet enough to not be disturbing, but you still realize when you took a picture.

            You might want to take a look at the Q. It gives you most of what you want in an M but with a more modern design and EVF instead of rangefinder. And of course you would save a lot of money versus the M.

          • Ric Ricard

            First, I was really excited when the Q came out because it made me feel that Leica could FINALLY make a full frame M body that had a large enough buffer and a fast enough frame per second shooting rate. And, it turned out to be true when the M10 came that the Q buffer and shooting speed had indeed made it to the M series. The problem with the Q for me however, is the limited focal range. And if it had to be only ONE focal length, I’d have prefer it be 35mm.

            Second, what I think would be really cool would be for Leica to make a version of the M10 that had the built in EVF like the Q. This would be a bit odd -an EVF camera that had ONLY manual focus, but I think it would actually be a great companion to the current M10. I’m assuming we’ll eventually see a Monochrom M10 and a screen less M10. No reason not to make an EVF version as well.

          • Why not just get a SL? The EVF is even better than the Q, and it accepts all Leica lenses through an adapter. And as a bonus you get autofocus for native lenses. With the new price it also undercuts the M10 by quite a bit.

          • Ric Ricard

            I’ve owned M9 and M240 and currently own the M10. Love these cameras. There is nothing I’d rather use for certain shoots. But the SL is of no interest to me. Too big, too awkward and it’s first generation from Leica. I’d much rather have a 5th generation Nikon D5 instead for that type of camera. That said, I use a D3s for that type of shooting, and it currently fulfills most of my needs.

          • Seven_Spades

            I love the Q but would rather get an X1D than an SL.

          • raziel28

            is your d3 still alive? 🙂

          • Ric Ricard

            One of my D3s bodies has literally half a million actuations on it. I bought a second body less than a year ago. I still use those bodies for all my event shooting. I don’t believe anyone has made a better low light camera than the D3s. Fortunately, none of my clients need more than a 12mp file for their event coverage.

          • eric

            Interesting point. Smartphones can already go totally silent. It would be nice if camera makers created a menu choice. On/off sounds.

        • RONIT

          shutter button is forward of that dial, just like in the T and TL

  • Phanter

    Why???? Even if you want to keep the body and don’t want an EVF. The screen could have been far bigger without changing anything


    can’t wait for the release tomorrow.

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