Leica M10 firmware update released

Leica released new firmware update version for the M10 camera that corrects the issues when in certain cases black images were produced when using short exposure times:

With the previous firmware a larger selection of SD cards were made compatible with the Leica

Unfortunately, we discovered, that in certain cases, the firmware could produce black images when using short exposure times.

This bug has now been fixed with firmware All improvements from previous firmware versions are included in firmware We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Improvements of SD card compatibility

With the Firmware a larger choice of SD cards is compatible with the Leica M10. With the last Firmware, certain SD cards were not recognized, or the complete write speed could not be used with the camera.

The Leica M10 supports SDHC/SDXC cards from 1GB up to 512 GB. We recommend to use cards with write speed 80 MB/s or higher in order not to restrict the cameras performance. In single cases it can Leica Camera AG / Seite 2 von 2 occur that the speed, stated by the cards manufacturers, differs from the effective read or write speed in the Leica M10. Use UHS I cards instead of UHS II. The M10 is compatible with UHS II cards, but does not use the full UHS II speed.

Leica performs ongoing compatibility tests of the latest cards available in the market. We ask for your understanding that due to changes in production and software, Leica cannot guarantee a 100% compatibility of the recommended cards.

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  • Bauzen

    I was just about to send my M10 in for service, however this firmware update fixed my issue – I was getting black frames at 1/4000th of a second – Leica store told me it must be a defect… Guess it’s alright after all.

    • Leica has the most bizarre bugs.

      • M Stand’s for mosquitoes

    • Is it fixed for the most part?

      • Bauzen

        My shutter issue is fixed, but the sucker still overheats when you ask it to work harder than the average point and shoot. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c6426ae0d9a52e8b8dea219b99f47f12867d4baf688e5055ac5fecec2c928a01.jpg

        • Nathan Wright

          And what comprises working harder than average?

          • Bauzen

            I decided to use the M10 in place of my Nikon D4s for a corporate party to see how it would do – a mix of posed shots and dance floor photos with wide-angle using my Nikon speedlight. I suppose it’d be comparable to a wedding reception – I shot about 1200 frames or so, got that overheating message. Shut the camera off, turned it back on, then it seemed to work fine again, but I slowed down the frequency of exposures. You can’t treat it like a DSLR on burst mode, it does need time to buffer and recover.

          • How was the process and results otherwise?

          • Bauzen

            Focusing was a challenge in the dark, but I was in focus on nearly every shot and to be fair, my Nikon hunts for focus when it’s that dark, so this wasn’t too bad. Skintones look great, colors look natural (I set my WB before beginning, auto WB is useless in mixed light). My only complaint is that hand hurt a lot at the end – absolutely must have somesort grip for the next similar event because the full-size speedlight makes the camera very uncomfortable after a short while.

          • Interesting, I wonder how it would have done in low light without flash. I shoot that way with my Leica Q and Nikon D5 and love the results. I’ve never liked the look of flash shots.

          • Bauzen

            I try to never shoot with direct flash. When available light is possible, that’s my preference, but hard shadows on the face are unacceptable. I bounced all night that evening and it came out great.

          • Nathan Wright

            When used correctly, flash is the bee’s knees. Remote flash is even more bee-sy.

          • Nathan Wright

            I use full size speedlights without problem or pain, but the events I cover usually are not longer than 5 hours.

            How many shots did you get per charge?

          • Bauzen

            Maybe I’m just not fully used to my new grip yet, and that could explain the hand fatigue. Even though I’ve shot with an M6 for many years, never as freely and actively as the M10. I’m really used to using a DSLR w/a speedlight on a bracket for the same work. After seeing the results of my last event, I plan on using it more, so we’ll see.

            Not using live view or evf, well over 1000 frames per battery. Can’t imagine ever running out during an heavy day of personal use, but on assignments, I’ve blown through batteries quickly. I only bought one spare, but I think I’ll end up getting another in a couple of months.

          • Nathan Wright

            That’s pretty nasty that that happened, but I guess I would question the use of it like a dSLR. I don’t use my M240 in burst more than a few times a year, and only for a few photos, but heavily depend on flash at events.

            I’ve sprung for an M10 and hope that at least for my use, it works as the M240 has.

          • Bauzen

            When shooting red carpet, burst mode is a requirement. Group shots too… always better to snap a few to insure eye contact.

  • YourFace

    I wish Leica would give us the option to turn off Long Exposure Noise Reduction. Let us decided if it is needed or not. Let us decided if we should shoot black frames or not. I don’t understand why the refuse to give us this option…

  • YourFace

    I wish we had the ability to turn off Long Exposure Noise reduction. Every other camera I’ve owned has had this option. Let us decide if it is needed. Let us decide if we should shoot a black frame or not.

    I do not understand why Leica refuses to do this.

  • eric

    This just happened to me today when shooting at 4000. All black image. Will have to update now.

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